Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Days 15 and 16 Go Jazz Go

Day 15 was a family day at Park City, TCs Brother Ted and son Trevin as well as TCs Unkle Wyman came along. It was the first sunny day We have had pretty much since we have been here. It was nice and warm and the snow was pretty soft, it was the first no powder day Ive had since pretty much since We have been here.
It was still fun though, the park looked great but since Im still black and blue no jumping for me.

Heres TC, Ted, Trevin and Wyman (thanks for tickets)

Good Times For Sure

Park City is a lot bigger than I ever thought !!! You could easily get lost back there

Day 16 I was off to brighton again, Good old mitch picked me up which was rad and along for ride was old friend Domo who was in town for a couple of days which made for a great day.
We rode some runs just off Great Western that I have never been to and although it was a leg burning traverse out it was still all time, and yes there was tonnes of fresh turns

Here's Mitch, Matt and I chilling in the woods, thanks Domo for the shot

That night somehow through a crazy story, we ended up getting 4th row free tickets to the JAZZ check the Price mental, seeing the game so close was so cool you could hear everything, the only catch was we where not allowed to talk to the guy in front of us, since he was the president of something and doesnt like to be bothered in the game. This was pretty hard for me for sure.

$$$$$ Blinging for Sure

You could almost touch the players :)

Yay TC

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