Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bad Brains

So in high school someone somehow got a copy of the famous first Bad Brains Tape.
Honestly I can still remember skating our backyard ramp playing the tape non stop.
Over time Bad Brains have always been a part of my life and I think most people into punk rock.
They toured melbourne in the early 90s without HR their OG singer but it was still so so good.
Anyway there is a documentary being made about them.
Even if you have never heard of them take the time to watch this teaser for the doco.
I know I cannot wait.

Bad Brains_teaser

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Greats on Stage Together

In high school one of my fave bands was the Jesus and Mary Chain and Scarlett Johanson is one of my fave actresses, Im sure she is one of your too.
Well here they both are singing along to "just like honey"
As Troy a friend would say "SIIICCCKKK"

Perth !

So yesterday I (SC) traveled over to Perth which is on the opposite side of australia and a four hour flight away.
I traveled over to Clinic a store on how to sell Burton. While there as usual I took some photos and had a little break to check out some stores in the area.
So walking along I see a sign for a store that looked cool, so i walked up the stairs and what the freak do i see but a painting of good old friend Matt Maunder see below.

They wouldnt let me shoot a photo so i snuck this with my phone. Thats where the trouble began and somehow somewhere along the rest of the day/night I lost the G9 my pride and joy, bummed is not the word. We think someone took it while I was doing the clinic DAMN

SO blog posts might not be so hot for a while, sorry about that
But if anyone has one of these cheap or sees one around please call me ASAP :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Week that was

So Last week TCs best friend from Utah Shannon came to visit, TC took some time off and showed her around.
They where supposed to take a bunch of shots but that didnt really happen
Heres the couple that they did take :)

Shannon bought us a bunch of St Patty day presents, our friend from japan Chewy who loves green things would be in heaven, maybe ill save him some.

Me having a go, not so well though

TC showing me how it is done

Girls at Red Hill Brewery

Chelsea Pub Crew Thursday night

Happy Chappies at The Chelsea Pub :) Metro and Macca, last time youll see those white sunnies they got washed away in a surfing accident, but then again who surfs in sunnies :)

Chelsea Pub Grub, Shannon and TC

Friday night Rory Ralph and Claire came to see Shannon..
After shannon left we went a good friend Troys (not T-roy) 3oth birthday, Troy is doing pretty well for himself these days his girl friend is awesome and she has a great house too boot.

Heres the Birthday boy, cool Top Hat

Shane hunt is a good dude, the name probably helps too, Mark Grayson is also pretty awesome also even if his parents forgot to name him Shane too.

Just as we left they bought out a two story beer bong ! in this photo you can see a bunch of good people.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our New Winter Home, The Bat House

Every year our friends all put in and get a place at the bottom of Buller for the season. Every year it is a drama to get something, this year we where organised got up there early and locked this in
check it out, it is going to be a good winter....for those that have been reading previous posts it is known as the bat house.

Heres the blurb from real estate dot com
Absolutely beautiful double storey home set in quiet and peaceful surroundings. With large lounge, spacious kitchen, 2 bathrooms, wood heating and wide verandahs this property is sure to please. No pets allowed(other than bats of course). Property leased for the Winter season but your enquiry for a long term lease from October '09 is welcome."

Hows the serenity

Nice Carpet for sleeping on

Ralph has really gone batty over this one

Looking at home already Rory, Rory has some experience in small hot tubs up in this area.
Next time you see him make sure to ask him :)

Rapping Flight Attendent

Why dont we get flight people like this
(thanks for the link VAL)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last hours in Japow !!!

So Friday night our second last night in Japan, started innocently enough with a mexican meal at Wild Bills Again (best night life in niseko), Unfortunatly T-ROy had to work till 12, well he had a pick up at 11 and couldnt trust himself to go to Wild Bills for dinner cause he knew what would happen.

So while he wasnt there we had a subsitute Troy to join the crew...

I posted a bunch of photos of Troy on the bar computer to remind everyone of him. Heres Izumi posing with him. He is honestly that funny that the bar was sculling drinks everytime his photo came up.

Unfortunatly for ralph he toasted TROY way too much and didnt get too far out of bed on saturday, so i ended up riding by myself since every one had to work. IT was snowing off and on all day.

That night it really started dumping, Ralph and I went to bed nice and early as we had to fly out at lunch the next day and wanted to get some runs in before hand.

Heres the crowd waiting for first tracks in the morning.

There where so many fresh lines to be had..

It was awesome...Great way to end trip



Hold on what a better way to end our trip than with a visit to Seikomart and a road trip with our host TROY and Joel. Here is Troy and i at seikomart, getting supplies at 11 in morning he started day off with a few ice creams.

JAL wanted to charge us $500 for excess luggage and this was after losing a bunch of stuff to save on weight. We argued for ages and ended up getting an upgrade to business class and paying nothing for excess luggage.

Heres Ralph with the Business Tickets YES.

On the way we checked out some tasty crepes, TEAM FOOD meal for sure, hot dog crepes..

Australia here We come.

Ralph and his business class flat bed seat :)

My ice dream class food was all time

Australian Coast line, Joel does that make you home sick

First Stop seeing the Wife, straight from airport. Im luckiest boy ever,

To all my friends new and old in japan thank YOU FOR EVERYTHING trip was all time and you all Freaking RULE...THANKS AGAIN

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yet again more powder specialist lift jumping

Not too much happened today, other than me trying to ride in the howling wind and blizzard like conditions. Ralph was hungover chilling on the couch so i could not take any snowboard shots so i figured id post this alternate angle of T-roys lift drop from the other day. Thanks Dave for loaning me your camera even though we just met.

Its dumping here right now so hopefully tomorow our last day where we get one hour of riding before we have to fly out, is more eventful than my riding on my own today.
I do have some shots ill post when im home of the snow falling.

Anyway till then enjoy the following movie

Im going to miss you T-ROY

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 7 update

So Last night after riding powder all day, we traveled into Kutchan to have hamburgers at the famed pelican burger.

Best hamburger spot Ive been to out of the USA, yes we are eating burgers in japan. Hey why not.

On the way we stopped at 7/11 to get some cash. Ralph has a cold and keeps buying/drinking this medicine that reads Vitamin C, he isnt getting any better im not that sure it is even medicine

Im not sure what any of this in the 7/11 is and No one was game to try anything. Maybe Ralph would get better if he ate some of this

Today we went on an adventure trying to go to all resorts in Niseko in one day, Im pretty sure we made it. They are four of them.... My legs where spent thats for sure

Lachy was our guide for the day. Notice the cover/condom you have to put on your board when you carry it into the gondola

On the way we saw this poster, Im pretty sure chris boadle has that jacket !! Smoking is pretty popular here..

On the way we caught probably the safest I mean unsafest chair lift Ive ever been on, no safety bar (which isnt uncommon here) but no side rail and only for one person Gnarly

You can see the local volcano in the background that we drank water from yesterday. As well as niseko down below where we are staying

It was pretty tiring, so we went to get noodles to eat to get some energy for tomorows final day of riding.

For some reason when you eat at this noodle bar you get free ice creams, I wasnt saying no

Even though we had ice creams , Troy aka PS took us to a place that made custard filled fish shaped cakes they where mental and cooked while you waited.

We then went gift shopping, I was going to buy this crab but had no idea of what to do with it and it spiked my hands also, just when I noticed the sign "danger do not hold crabs"

We didnt have to travel to far to this traditional japanese gift shop, as we live above it. Today was the first time any of us had been in there also which was lucky cause it was closing tomorow.

After all this eating and riding the boys needed a sleep, well ralph deserved one all Troy has done today is eat and relax. Well that must have tired the little guy out.

Another great day in niseko !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 6 Rusutsu Visit ! Our friend Troy shows us why they call him PS - the Powder Specialist

So It snowed most of night and since we tracked out Hirafu as we rode most of the night. We all decided to drive out to Rusutsu which is about a 40 min drive.

Rusutsu was quite empty to say the least and we all rode fresh tracks from the start of the day till the end.

Good Crew !!! Thanks everyone

Our host Joel was giving backflip lessons !

Ralph ripping pillows !!!

Troy loved the ice cream and got pumped for this

The stuff legends are made of, we will be talking about this for years to come thats for sure. Troy chair ride drop off

Lunch Time omelette rice with meat sauce looks crazy but was good

Sc on the way home heck yeah

On way home we visited a natural spring where the water comes from a volcano tasted pretty good !

All in all one memorable day for sure go Japan

pps I miss TC