Saturday, December 27, 2008

Days 13 and 14 this is getting repetitive

So boxing day arrived and we decided to go ride instead of visiting the sales. We couldn't ride too long as we had to get Chris coco Boadle off to the airport, and after 21 inches of snow in the last 24 hours we were unsure on where would be best to ride.

After seeing this we knew we had made right decision on where to ride !

Crew riding Evergreen Boadle, Mitch and friends

Boadle method, Sorry, my camera is currently busted so photos are not the best.
We then said bye to Chris who is off to Miami and went and watched the Utah Jazz beat Dallas :) Good times!

Day 14 was Paul and Kate Colbys last day in Salt Lake, so off to Brighton we went again. Luckily, Crest lift has been closed for the last four days due to mechanical drama and opened first thing this morning. Riding was pretty good that's for sure. I'm starting to feel a little better, but my back stomach and side are still blood red.

Here is Paul pretty happy, he's no glass half empty guy for sure !!!

Butter Off !!! TC, Kate and Paul

Mt Millicent is pretty amazing

We then headed down to Lonestar cantina for a mexican feast before seeing The Colbys off

After that it was movies and general Salt Lake chilling, Tomorrow we might even go to a different resort but I'm not sure as yet ! It is supposedly going to be sunny somehow I don't believe it.

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