Monday, December 15, 2008

Day Two !!!!

So today, I chilled with a little jet lag and helped out my mother in law with a little baby sitting my new nephew firstly !

Then did some work with my brother in law and Cal pictured below

At the best snowboard shop in the USA

After that Mitch took me out to skate at our good friends basement ramp
(Thanks Park and Krista).

Park ripped the ramp to shreds

And then showed us his skills on the piano. Talk about multi skilled !

This is for you Ralph and Brenny

Like all great days in Salt Lake we then went to mexi for dinner (not Cafe Rio as yet)
And now Im about to go get TC from the airport :) as she has been chilling with her friends in San Diego
Then rest up cause it is dumping up the hill and tomorrow I'm going shredding

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