Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 3, lets see if I can keep this up :)

So it snowed quite a bit today.
It was pretty good :):)

Here's the snow report for today !

Here's the forecast also for the next couple of days

Here's what TC and her friend Shannon got up to today

Worked Out

Collected her Cheque the US government sent, some kind of "ecomony boost" $300 for nothing. Especially cool since She doesn't even live in the US. Look at that smile you know accountants love cash.

Ate Bagels

And then We shoveled the snow off the drive, then I helped an old lady with her drive which nearly killed me (Ralphy i know i have weak arms aka linguini arms).

Stoked i was thinking done now I can rest! HOW wrong was I when a little guy from across the road came over and asked whether we could help him so off we went only to find out he was getting paid $20 to do it and we did it all, he did offer us a reward which we declined politely. This guy knows how to use resources, I think I could learn something from him for sure.

Tomorrow is TC first day at Brighton an old friend Brenner Adams is coming and at three o'clock we pick up COCO Boadle.

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5liddles said...

Tara! I miss you and wish we were in SLC to visit with you...instead we are in humid 80 degree New Orleans weather. Tell the fam hello. Write me sometime slacker!
luv kristel