Monday, June 29, 2009

Stolen Lion Love movie

Watch it is awesome Stole this from someone elses blog SORRY

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wet Times

So this weekend, WE travelled up to buller again. Our friend Linc came up also for some good times

Tara was dreaming something good and wouldnt get up :)

It did snow a little up at Buller but it also rained and was quite swampy :)

It was so swampy that this poor guy couldn't see that well and struggled to stay up on the Tbar

So what better way to spend lunch but at Koorora chilling with Friends
Here is Linc and Chunk quenching their thirst

That night I cooked up a storm and we have another mexi night !!!

If only it was as good as this place, Cafe Rio Im dying to get back to your place and EAT

Two Skateboarding Stars RIP

Not only did he do the moonwalk but here he is cruising a sidewalk, he looks stoked too

Farrah Fawcett made skateboarding cool on Charlies Angels a long time ago
RIP Farrah

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Times and Some Photo Mania

So as of late things have been a little busy on my end.
Endless road trips and meetings, well I guess it is snow season and I work for a snowboard company so if i wasnt busy something would be wrong.
I thought the best way to let you know whats been up is a bunch of photos

Last weekend we went back to Buller

Rory aka Dr Jumps is back snowboarding again and bringing good times to us all

It Was Mike Metros Bday so he could cruise around in first layer all he likes

The ladies love our friend TROY he pretty much runs Buller

Joel came down to Metros Bday dinner bringing a car load of crew with him
Thanks for making the effort joely

Here's the crew for mikes Bday dinner

Bday snowboarding for mike ! here he is with TC and Chunk

Chunk had a big night so had a little sleep

Ralph was on fire mega method of a mini hit

TC was also on fire, another method , lighting wasnt great and I had no flashes so Ive messed with it a little , I kinda like it. if you dont let us know

Monday it was off to BAW BAW to check out what was up there, here is the crew from DEJAVU chilling

Jamie from Cactus and Baw Baw's Leona

Tuesday it was off the Hotham, Gangstar sulway was up there to help me with the meetings We where up there for

Hotham is rad and so are the views

Weds, it was off to Albury my old home town (high school) Weird being there for sure. SO many memories ! I do miss old friends and the way skating there used to be

Back in melbs today off to Buller again tomorow night I CANNOT wait

oh yeah its snowing here again in OZ
Who said we lived in a desert ?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Buller Opens with tonnes of snow, thank you snow gods

First true weekend of season for us all, with tonnes of snow.
Best way to explain is with some photos !!! As a picture does say a 1000 words :)
Thanks everyone for some good times !!

Metro Mike rocked up looking a little like Lemmy from motorhead

Here's our Saturday team, Ralph, Tara (TC) and Lemmy I mean Mike

View on Saturday morning up to the summit

We found some friends for lunch, Jacko, Alex and Seany

And some more

Some guy had the 2011 Burton vapor, how fun does this look NOT

Working out before the home trail, as you can see Mike is a little tired

TC and Lemmy coming out of home trail

Ingredients to a good guacamole

Metro/Lemmy wasn't getting out of this bed Sunday that's for sure

That night some friends rocked up, Trent, BRAD and Fitzy

Morning token group shot

Our friends from japan also known as the ninjas rocked up also

Ralph chucking while his skier mate shushes along, ski ya later

Fitzy nose grab

Proper method Ralphy without his skier mates along for the ride

The Sunbury boys where up ripping also, good to see you dudes

Ninja One loves suitcase methods

Johnny nose grab

Thanks everyone especially TROY and Joel for helping me with the clinic on Sunday !

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snow Snow and More Snow

So on monday I drove back into the mountains up to Falls Creek, for work..I met up with old Friend Rory Tonkin (aka DR jumps)..Luckily for us it started dumping and I mean dumping (hey its australia)

I was at Falls to do a couple of staff training seminars, heres Lachy getting the first one underway

Pizza is always good especially when its dumping snow and with good falls crew, Clock wise Lachy, Jimi, Dr Jumps, Lucy and Dave Boyd

After dinner we met went to the bar for a little bit !! Here is Lachy, Jimi and some good dude having a ball

Dr Jumps holding my board since he didnt take a board up as in his words "its all business up here for me"

Rory walked I skated or rode :)

Little slash outside our place on way to a meeting

WE had our work cut out digging the car out with out a shovel and gloves thats for sure

After a slow drive down the hill, On way home I visited Rays in Myrtleford, Doug and Peter good people for sure, Thanks for the drink

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Opening weekend !!!

So this weekend is the Queens Birthday celebration weekend and the start of our snow season.
So we moved into our new place at the bottom of Mt Buller, had a good dinner, left Ralph on hill for the night to get loose and when we picked him up this morning it was snowing !!! Yay, we will be riding any day now.
Here's a bunch of shots from some good times :) Thanks to everyone involved who made the weekend off to a great start!

Start of the Road trip Good TEAM for sure

Trees trying to come back after the summer fires

Even though Ralph is fading away he still has a good appetite

Lars pretty stoked on lunch

My Lunch of champions !

Metro even though he was sick still enjoyed the food, here he is napping to conserve eating energy

Funny who you see in Mansfield, TSC crew cruising the streets

Our epic new residence for weekends over winter

Lars knows how to warm up a house thats for sure

Mike metro the moose was quick to get relaxed

TC moving in to our new room at the cabin, notice first thing first, her sleeping bag ready for sleep time

Of course you had to get the bus ride from car park up to hill at Buller for dinner what a hoax

Monks downing the vodka limes, I mean lime and soda no vodka :)

Tc finally met our friend T_ROY

Good Crew at Koorora For dinner

Everyone was a little dusty by this time of the night, hence the art guy shot

Girls love to pose :) TC and Monk

Since Mike aka Markle moose went home we had to chill with his cousin apre moose

Finally some snow, way more to come though and it started bucketing as we left

Team awaiting me chilling by fire in freeride

Gnome house and two geeks checking it out

Team coming home !!

On way home there were some awesome rainbows! Good sign of the season ahead? Let's hope so!