Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Screw You Criminals

So My brother in law was on tv over here in utah tonight talking about their recent break in at his snowboard shop.

Hopefully this publicity leads to the sucker getting busted.

Video Courtesy of

Here is a little peak of what happened today up at Brighton

I had to post this as Tara was so so stoked on riding pow today
It hasnt stopped snowing since we dropped Ralph off at the airport yesterday and hopefully it continues tonight.
More footage to come soon, including our Utah buddy Chris ripping but till then
Here is TC !

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Utah Updates

Shredding has been awesome, sunny and soft there will be another movie coming soon
But till then I thought a little photo essay of some other stuff would be good to tide everyone over (all 15 or so of you :) )

Soccer Doc Tara and her mom in the background, Soccer Doc took us all to the jazz game, which is a special anniversary for Tara and I as it was our first date to the day 6 years ago

Yep we got to go down and chill on the court, (i know blogs are not supposed to have shots of your self on there but I couldn't help it), Tara, Brendan, Me and Ralph

Jazz won and the streamers came down "Go jazz Go"

Next Day Brother in law Josh and his Son came over to chill

Yesterday after shredding Ralph and I visited Burton showroom in SLC for a skate and chill. Here is Ralph ripping as usual

Good Friend Chris Dropped by, as did new friend Dustin (sorry got no snaps of you ripping)

Gold Coast skateboard company owner Brock decided to drop by at the last minute to show he skates like he snowboards, Awesome

Thanks to Josh and TJ for having us over.

After skating Soccer Doc took us took us out to a Brazilian steakhouse, here is Joyce getting some steak

Ralph and Tara STOKED

Today Ralph left for la and it started snowing, I have already shovelled the drive once.
Tomorrow shredding Brighton again.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas From Utah !!!!

Merry Christmas From Utah
Here is a little recap from the day

First up Role Reversal Tara giving her Dad Tiffanys

After Present Time, Time to shred
December 25th Yeah Brighton

ME, Tara and Ralphy, cool how Ralph got a helmet with his initial on it

Christmas Lunch At Brighton, Tara and Ralph

Crest Trees

And A little Xmas shred movie Tara and Ralph in the Park :)

After Shredding it was off home for Xmas Dinner

There was a couple of Relatives over

Max and Mattias

Xmas traditional hat

Josh was happy trust me :) Brenda and Aunt Anne background props

Thanks to everyone for making christmas Awesome

Xmas eve !!!!

Its been busy over here, hence the lack of updates.
Shredding every day and family stuff at night

Here is a little recap from Xmas eve

Shredding then Cafe Rio

Tara hanging with our Nephew MAX

Tara and Brendan

Roberts Family Josh, Max, Brenda and Phil (Soccer Doc)

Trevin another nephew, Ted his dad and Ralphie looking a little tired at the Xmas eve feast.

Mega Xmas day post coming up :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is this for real :)

Apparently this comes out in Feb ?


So it is dumping here in Utah right now
Here is a couple of shots to show you how it looks outside right now

2 oclock

4 oclock

530 after I shovelled the path

Oh yeah today we went here after snowboarding, they even have shows in the shop

Monday, December 21, 2009

Utah Update

So one of the first nights I was here I went and visited old friend Brenner Adams, Brenner is a legend around these parts from working at snowboard companies, designing snowboard video games to tuning boards at Trigger Frankston Brenner has done a tonne that's for sure. and is one of the best people Ive yet to meet.

Here is Brenner and Keyan in their new garage with their mini ramp

Brenner has his ramp on lock down, Back Smith stall

Friday night The wife and my mother in law flew in from Atlanta, STOKED
Here is Soccer Doc too, my father in law who loaned us his car for the trip Double Stoked.

Saturday night we all went to local restaurant Porcupine (its on the way to the resorts) and has a cool atmosphere, Tonnes of beers and good food. Here is Brother in Law Josh, Soccer Doc, Josh's Wife Brenda, TC and her friend Shannon.

Porcupine really know how to make nachos :)

Mother and Daughter trying out their new beanies.

Tomorrow it is supposed to Dump and Weds Ralph Road tourer gets here, Ill blog more then I promise, and in case you have been wondering I have snowboarded every day since Ive been here :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mega Blog Update

So this little adventure started back in Melbourne on the 9th of December.
From melb I flew to Sydney to Meet up with friends Chris and Darren and also Andy who arrived just as we where getting on the plane to NYC something about forgetting his passport.
Here is a little photo essay of whats been going on in the USA.

Pack heavy travel light maybe I took that sentiment a little too literally.
Here is Andy and Chris just landed in Burlington Vermont our home for the next few days.

After Burlington it was off to Stowe about 45 Min's away, somehow it took us two hours but really who cares. We where off to fancy new resort accommodation and our winter meetings.
Here is the view from our room

Here is our fave Kiwis swimming out into the pool/hut tubs

Second night of being up at Stowe We all got invited to Jake Burton's family home such a fun host.
Below you see Darren and Chris in the guest house/Barn would be an Amazing place to stay that's for sure

Here is Darren Skateboarding in the underground tunnel from the barn to the main house.

The last night of the meetings Burton held a karaoke contest at a bar, here is our Boy Tj Bottom killing it

Chad from Colorado was awesome also, but Karrie here stole the show to come Danzig

Utah boys Ryan and Josh and Danielle marketing guru

Good byes to our Vermont pals, here is Darren and Amanda saying goodbye.

I must thank our good friend Steph Hauser for looking after us and organising a great meeting.

Once the meeting finished, Darren and Chris needed to shop so off to NYC they went and I travelled over to Salt Lake City Utah, who had been dumped on.

Coming into the car park after all these years of riding here I'm still a total tourist :)

Milly Bowl opened today and good friend Brenner and I where on the 5th chair. We got some pretty sick snow, fast groomers flying off into knee deep pow = fun !!!

Tonight the wife arrives longest time away from her, I'm missing her that's for sure

Another token Brighton Shot

Friday, December 11, 2009


So Ive been in the USA, vermont to be exact for a couple of days now working out of our head office. Not too much to report till now

Because We just got to Stowe and here is the report

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Colabyarration Art Show

Last night there was another Art Show down here in melbs, this one had a unique little angle.
The theme was the sea, every piece had a little run of affordable Tshirts available and it wasnt super packed when we got there which was a hell of a lot cooler than any other art show in melbourne as of late.
The drinks where free and the artists killed it. I couldnt get shots of everything so here is a little snapshot.

Moo and the Wife planned outfits accordingly :) And it was their son Jacks first show as well as first night out in city

Marks on the phone as normal, met us out front of show

Here is his piece referencing the suburb we all live in, Chelsea pride as Mark would say

Tc in front of Andy Murphys piece, good pirate smith

On right Micahs who I didnt even know drew and on left rudins rashids.

Dannys piece was my second fave so TC got that for my birthday when I get it Ill post a shot.

Thats all for now, thanks to however organised the show.