Sunday, May 30, 2010

Belated Al Wilson Bday post

Last weekend Al Wilson had a birthday party at the new Globe Mini.
Tonnes of crew rocked up and ripped, you have probably seen tonnes of fotos and footage elsewhere I just wanted to post a couple of fotos of Steve Gourlay who was for once not taking fotos but ripping as he does whether in front or behind the lens.

Tail grab on the extension

Beer influenced backside ollie

Styled out Rock and Roll

And lastly in case you haven't seen enough footage from the day here is a little Kerry Fisher shredding

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sverdviks will be back at Buller this year

And I cannot wait to go shredding with them and show their new addition Dulcie how fun snow is, winter can not come fast enough thats for sure.

Here is Monk, Tara, Lars and I under a moose as our friend mike moose metro was on the couch this day !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Krista you will always be in our hearts !

Yesterday one of the greatest people I ever got to spend time with passed away.
Krista was one of the most motivated positive people I have ever met, whether it was ripping the skate park, shredding pow and selling the dream working for Burton, Krista could do it all. No matter where you went you knew someone who admired or loved her and I know she will forever live in everyones hearts.
Transworld posted a couple of articles on Krista which I hope you will all read article one and article two

Krista and Mitch in Chile

Id like to finish with a little story, years ago everyone at Burton was on a trip to NZ we where all up at snopark and everyone had a awesome day and was chilling at the bar/bbq area I did another run and caught up with Krista who was hiking the 1/4 pipe i decided to hike it with her for a while she was ripping I slammed over and over.
At the end of the meeting they had a slide show, Krista got an awesome method shot and I hoped for a cool shot to from the 1/4 pipe too but all they had was me upside down slamming I was bummed for a second but then remebered Id remember that day for the rest of my life shredding with kirsta in a foreign country having a ball
Krista we will remember you forever and miss you dearly.

Proof How Much Tara loves Nandos

So stoked to receive this on my phone tonight

Tara and Minh are awesome

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taras Birthday Fiesta

SO last saturday we celebrated Taras 30th, Tara decided we would travel down to the RED HILL brewery for their annual brewers Secret Stash weekend. Red Hill produces some amazing beers and this weekend their secret beers are on tap for the weekend.
Heres a little intro into the day

Here is our buddies Kate And Paul who traveled down from Sydney for the weekend, thanks guys

They have tasting paddles so you can try all the beers, one of these beers has an alcohol rating of 20% needless to say this was the beginning of the end

Yay Monk

Bday Girl and Paul

Dulcie is awesome with her smiling mom

Ralph enjoying the day quite early with his lovely girl KAT

To good to not post, the cheese plate was great, thanks Lars

Katie and Tara

Jammo and Lars

The culprit of the day :)

Girls Girls Girls, Moo, Tara and Val

There was no canned whisky but Breny still had a great time

After this things got a little crazy and hopefully the fotos never see light of day, needless to say I have been heavily listening to all my straight Edge records hoping to see the light again :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come On Snow Season

I cannot wait to ride but till then Im stuck watching Internet edits of kids ripping like this one
of Burton am Ryan Paul
So Sick

86 Boss of all Bosses from Mark Dangler on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kevin Pearce finally home

This is an epic and emotional watch, so stoked to see Kevin walking Talking etc.

Click Link to Watch The NBC interview

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Long Clint Shirvington

This week one of our longest workers at Burton Australia decided to move on to concentrate on family life. .
Sorry but I lost some crazy shots from Mexico which was a great trip with Clint, which I'm sure he and everyone that was there will remember Clint getting thrown out of the club by some heavy duty Mexican bouncers.
I will really miss working with him and thought Id put up some photos of some good times, I have had with him over the years

Mike from First tracks jindy and clint

Clint and AK from falls at the falls demo which was all time

Clint in Canberra after eating the biggest chile the restaurant could find

Tanya from Canberra, Clint and Sue showing the 2011 line, Clint was a glove expert that was for sure

Clint trying out TC's sleeping bag/suit

Clint rips that's for sure, he showed this buller hip who was boss

Another shot from that Buller hip

Clint had that phone stuck to his ear more than pretty much anyone I knew, here he is with Sheree from newy

Morri, Clint and Rizzo ready to party

Clint stretching for Golf, thanks for the lessons

This one is for Breny (our friend that is paddle board crazy) Clint and I in the bay

Clint always up for anything, tearing Brenny's ramp apart

Sick frontside surf grind..

Clints going away drinks, Thomas, Jimmy and Clint