Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sticker Job

I think maybe I should have put them around the other way :) Oh well T knows she comes first


Even though I work for a snowboard company and should be stoked seeing so many people enjoying the mountains, I have to admit sometimes I miss riding weekdays like I used to when the crowds are a little lighter on.

Check The Wombat Run line up at Mt Buller

Scott Round

Over the weekend I got to go ride with my old room mate Scott Round.
It is so good to catch up with old friends and after 5 mins it felt like we had been chilling every week not seeing each other once or twice a year like we do now.
Roundman was a good room mate for sure and I can think of a million good times we had, Im glad sunday was another to add to the memory bank and im sure there will be more over time.

Heres Roundman with Buller Summit in the background

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baw Baw Madness !!!!

This last week Ive been spending a bit of time at Melbournes local Resort Mt Baw Baw, it might not be the biggest resort around, but man they now how to look after snowboarders.

On saturday Old friend Bruce came up and spent the weekend here he is waiting for over snow to pick up our stuff and take it to our accomadation.

We had to go back again to Baw Baw on weds for a demo day, we asked if they would put a box at the tent so we could shred while we worked. Within 5 mins a box was set up AWESOME

Ralph hiked the box more than anyone and ripped thats for sure

2 tricks on a box in one day good work Ralphy

Trent really only started riding this season, he is ripping and so stoked to snowboard !! Good work Trent

So the guys at Cactus Black thought it might be a good idea to make a public driving range on the road to Mt Baw Baw, all you need to do is take your own balls.

The man responsible for the driving range is in the Forum tshirt, Jamie happy bday for saturday. Then in green is shannon,then B_Rad, Trent, Fitzy and Ralphy. All good dudes

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jeremy Jones has been killing it since the kingpin days (killer old snowboard movies) anyway Something in the woods posted this tonight and i just had to add it.

Jer's edit of his section from the last mack dawg movie which he hoped they would have used.
Cool Song for sure

Alternate Double Decade Edit from Jeremy Jones on Vimeo.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Breny !!!

So Breny had his first weekend back snowboarding last weekend, i think he enjoyed it. BUT it really took it out of him, here he is before the plane left on thursday, still tired from the weekend :)

Buller Demo Days, Kookaburras and Good Friends

Work Work Work, its been pretty busy that's for sure.
Tonight is my First night home in 9 days.
Anyway last week was Buller demo days and our annual contest on a rail there.
Saturday was a really long day, 14 hours in the snow.
Contest went well and our friend Robbie killed it, it was a little stressful being a judge that's for sure. Check the footage here

The day before the contest we all got to shred, heres TEAMRIDER Nick Gregory killing it

Boadle Still has it, doesnt ride hardly at all now but is still better than anyone, except maybe you Robbo :)

Clint Shirvington our NSW Rep for Burton still has for sure

The start of a weekend of Tense games, Jason here started out a champ

Shaka Bra sydney some to the snow, Nick, Katrina and Cuzzy Bro

Captain Morgan was the drink of choice this weekend, Solway, Ralph and Colby

Weather was a bit swampy, Tom, Decampo, Solway and Cuzzy

Motley Bunch that's for sure, Russ, Colby, Chunk, Me and Catsburg

Trigger Crew in Full Effect Johnny and Steph

Buller Crew RULE, Yeah TROY

Yep thats Right a Kookaburra eating out of our hands, he only wanted meat though :)

Sulway is getting seriously into this game for sure

The only thing missing this weekend was the WIFE

promise to keep updating site

Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Times but not too busy to take some runs and enjoy life !!!!

Sorry yet again for the lack of posts, things have been crazy.
Not only have I been slacking on my blogging updates friends haven't seen or heard from me and the truck is definatly getting some kms for sure.
Anyway heres a little update on whats been going on
Snow snow and more snow that's for sure

Friday was a trip to falls it had been snowing quite a bit.

It was pretty busy there :)

Clint from our work came up to falls to help with the demo day, he drove 6 hours straight from riding another resort, still in his snowboarding pants

That night we chilled with some friends from falls, good to you guys !!

The snowboard shop at Falls rules, it was good to spend a day back on the shop floor again

The hills around falls look so good for hiking, its a shame that Im a little lazy

Clint and our new friend at Falls AK, 100% solid good dude

Heres a Oakley postcard for our friend Lachy

Saturday night I punched it over the buller (four our drive nearly killed me) but once there and onto TROYS bday all was GREAT Happy Birthday again TROY

Buller has a tonne of snow, its almost crazy for this time of year

This weekend demos and contests at Buller yeah