Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mt Buller Weekend

So over the weekend SC/TC got to spend the weekend with Some of TEAM FOOD at Buller. Saturday was amazing weather and we got to ride a mini park slash some runs and have a great time. As we left it started to snow.
Saturday night monk.TC and Jammo cooked up a feast.

The above shot is from Saturday thats the Summit of Buller in the background.

Sunday morning we awoke to what looked like ten Cms of new snow.
We rode around searching for something fun to ride.
We ended up hitting some tree runs off the track somewhere we had never really ridden.

Here is Tc and Monk on the cat track, how good does the snow look?

Here is LARS reflecting on the run he just had.

Here is TC stoked, its hard to see but the snow is pretty darn deep here for Aust that is :)

It is a comeback year for Jammo and he shredded these trees like he was surfing Bells on a 6 foot offshore day.

The Chairlift ride back up was a little chilly and there was almost a fight at the bottom between a Skier and a snowboarder, they where both jerks.

Tc and Monk after a good day coming out of the home trail.

Monday, July 21, 2008


So I (SC) are in states at the moment for work. Yesterday was our first day here and straight away we all got in trouble for jay walking
Heres a shot of Darren and Andy for Work getting in trouble, i havent seen much other than a meeting room, the burton store and the pool at the motel in newport beach

Anyway I miss TC the most and cant wait to leave tommorow


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes It Does Snow in Australia

So over the last week our resorts in Australia got pounded with a bunch of snow, more snow than we have seen all year, luckily Burton was holding demo days and contests at Mt Buller (SC/TC fave resort here in OZ). Friday I(SC) got to go up early for meetings which ended around lunchtime which meant there was powder (well pretty close too) to be ridden.

Here is Katrina from Burton australia coming down a newly found tree run at Mt Buller.

Late Friday night TC came up to make the weekend Perfect ! Of Course we put her to work at the demo tent, but later in the day we did get to do some runs.

Here is a shot of SC/TC boards on the lift

On sunday afternoon we all got to do some more runs (although the demo has taken its toll)

This is Monk she was practicing her methods, Monk rips

Monday was a free day of riding with everyone from work, unfortunately TC had to go back and work in melbourne so it wasnt as great as it could be. We also had to leave early to drive Coco Boadle, Desmond Solway and Katrina to the airport so they could fly back up to the home of KSubi (Jean label from sydney) and Lattes :) As they where missing the sydney life.

Heres a shot from monday from the emirates chair at Mt Buller, there was a pretty serious hip on this run that Monk(see photo above) showed who was boss.

Before we left we got one last run down the home trail which is the longest run on the hill which ends right in the carpark.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Funny

This might not be that funny to those that have never been there, but there is a suburb close by where we live called "Frankston" that doesnt have the should we say best reputation. My first time there in 1989 the guy who drove me there got into a fight with someone who had a broken bottle as a weapon, not cool to say the least. I (SC) actually worked in frankston for nearly ten years and love the place (it has cleaned up by the way and has my fave skate park ever)
but could not help but laugh when I saw this T-shirt in a store in Frankston. I think i want it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Falls Creek !!!!!!

So Sc is up at Falls and yesterday we got some of the day free to ride. And here is a shot of our old mate coco boadle and tim shaw on the Falls Creek half pipe.
Today was demo day and a little contest, demo's are tiring.
TC rode Buller with Everyone, she had a ball