Friday, May 29, 2009


A few weeks ago we had a work road trip and Coco made a quick little edit of the week.
Hope you enjoy and have a good weekend wherever you are !!!

thanks again to coco for putting the clip together

Even the Kangaroos here in OZ try and surf

Take the time to watch this its soo cool, sorry about ad at start !!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Secret To Loosing Weight.

As you may be aware our friend Ralph Rottura has shed the pounds as of late. 20 kgs to be on the money, I thought the secret was skateboarding, gym etc. But no it is smaller meals real small meals

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jeffy Anderson is snowboarding

I never got the chance to meet Jeff Anderson which sucks, as I feel he truly represented Snowboarding in an awesome way.
Take the time to watch this ! great song and one of the best snowboarding sections EVER

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Day, Baw Baw and skate all in one day !!!!

So Weds we had to go to melbournes closest resort Mt. Baw Baw for a meeting or two.
We decided to take the new way since it was supposedly had a lot less sharp turns and was an easier drive. It actually was easier but with snow i think a 4 wheel drive might be needed.

We were worried we might get lost luckily we found this sign. Bushfire damage for sure

Anyway while at baw baw we decided to check out some of thier new features as you will see below
Here is Gavin from Cactus Black watering the garden, great new feature looks really fun to hit nice and wide and stable

Another angle of this beast, Gav and Jamie from Cactus always up for a good time

Gap rail also looks fun, not much snow needed to ride this thats for sure

The old wall ride moved onto a transitioned platform will be so FUN

Im not sure about this, hopefully they shorten it, as it is pretty high shoots you up and then onto flat and kids are going to get worked on it.

New Wall ride down bottom as you get on pomas, at Cactus Black park super fun

Once back in mebourne office ramp had session in full force.
Even nitty was skating, ripping too

Check the line up, Ralph smith

Griffo from mordys dropped by

Tc and Rick Baker Chilling

Brooksy and a swell bo

Rick got up and shredded, good to see you skating rick

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday = Snow Travel Show, Matress Shopping and Good friends down in frankston !

So sunday started with a quick little visit to the snow travel show, a little cooler than I thought but still quite small. Would be cool if you where planning a trip somewhere.

Z man was there with his family, see you friday Z

There was a little jib setup on bristles which did'nt look that fun sorry.

Rory was there killing it with the Tail Saver Stand, Davey was also chilling giving him a hand

Chunk and Anita Manning the Trigger Stand

Even Russ Holt made the trip down from Sydney check his new website

As did Justin Pearce

Then it was off mattress shopping
Heres T trying out matresse's, Im glad We only have to buy on of these every 25 years apprarently

Johnny and Billy stoked

Last but not least we caught up with Rick who was having a break from updating his website and working on the mag

Backsmiths and Rippers

Friday night skate session at office yet again !!!!
I shot photos since I wasnt feeling 100% yet.
Thanks to everyone that came down.

We got some visitors from Falls Creek, good to see you team :)

Backsmiths where the trick of the Day thats for sure





Cheese Was Ripping

And finally Scottie Learnt A new trick after more than a couple of trys, TC called him a flying squirrel

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Way

Anyone into good music take the time to watch this

Hopefully anyone i know that lives near chicago went to this
Split Lip reformation, heart moving for sure

Split Lip (Burning Fight, Phase 1) from hate5six productions on Vimeo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Mothers Day pool mission

What better way to spend mothers day than empty a pool and have a little skate. Good old mark knew someone who knew someone who had a pool that had a little water in it and it was skateable so the source said.
Off we went and low and behold there was a pool it was skateable and there was not to much work to be done. Luckily enough the house owners had a pump in there for us and all we reallt had to clean was, some bottle, a empty keg and some other junk.
Two hours later we where ready and along comes Ralph hungover as ever ready to be sick but still keen to skate.

Ever rocked up to a pool before where the owners who have never ever set foot on a skateboard have a pump ready for you to go, Thanks guys

Let then Cleaning Begin

Home owner chilling while we clean

Mark had a couple of falls

Before he started ripping

Being hungover doesn't worry Ralph

Thanks Mark

801's Birthday

Tara is from salt lake city hence the 801 reference which is the area code if you want to phone Utah.
Taras bday is tomorow so we all went out for dinner on saturday night.

Here's a couple of shots, we actually left before the mayhem began as I'm recovering from a FLU and want to make sure it does'nt turn into something swiney :)
We of course went and ate mexi food which was pretty nice actually, more spanish than mexican but still cool.

Birthday Girl Lars and monk

Good food

Jammo moo and monk

Good old pirate eye was out already with Val and Brendawg

At Dinner someone found A shot of Lars' long lost brother on the internet

Linc was in the house keen to have a good time

Val Was on a mission, she also taught us the benefits of lunges, can skateboarding be my lunge ?

Yeah Girls

Ralph posted a few more shots after we left check it out

Friday, May 8, 2009

Road Trip

So this week internet access was at an all time low due to the fact that I was on the road with Darren and Chris from Burton HQ and we where lucky to have phone service let alone internet for most of the week.
We did however get to visit Pretty much every resort in australia for meetings etc. Enough about the work part yes we did ride everyday and even got a little moto in. Here is some shots from the iphone, new g9 arrived so blog is going to be back.
Hopefully chris sends a few more through soon

Here's the van packed !!!

First Stop Buller

Yeah Buller in jeans :)

The Sydney look Cardigan and jeans at Hotham

Nice little booter at hotham

Tonnes of Snow, feather top in background

RoadSide hike at Chalottes Pass

Darren would love to be a model, here he is working on his style at Charlottes Pass

Heres Me with the Jump one of the forum kids sended off on the back ground

Fitting way to end trip with a smashed window