Thursday, December 18, 2008

Days 4 and 5

So I couldn't keep it up and last night slacked on updating the blog.
So here is a two day update !
Yesterday started with a day riding at Brighton with TC and Old Friend (nearly 20 years now) Brenner Adams up at Brighton. It was sunny and there was tonnes of fresh still to be had. It was TC's first day and she was stoked. IF you bought a bag of food to give to the homeless you got a lift ticket for $15. What deal Brenner and TC where stoked, i bought a bag even though I have a pass.

Here we are in front of the pile fo food for charity.

Mt Millicent is such a good site

Yeah TC

We then burned down the hill and picked up Chris Coco Boadle, of course he was late but it wasn't really his fault.

After that we had Dinner with Brenner and his family in their new house, which I must say is awesome.

Today we woke up to another 3 inches of fresh in our front yard, and after a pretty sketchy drive up the hill we got to brighton where it snowed maybe 6 inches and was dumping all day.
We met up with a bunch of crew and had a ball until we decided to drop into a freshly opened bowl. Which ended up with myself SC catching a rock underneath and landing on it on my back. Off to the doctors and looks like Im out for a while with some heavy bruising and hopefully no internal damage but we will have to wait for the tests to come back for that.

Heres Chris getting pitted right before I collided with a rock.

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