Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesaday Manly, weds April 29th fresh tracks in Australia at Mt Baw Baw

Yep We made it up there, at least 30-40cm of fresh snow up at Mt BawBaw which is around 2 and a half hours from melbourne.

I was bitterly cold until we started hiking, luckily I knew some crew (thanks Tim) that had a skidoo and they helped us out a little. They have so much snow up there it wouldnt surprise me if they also opened this weekend too.

Mordy Staff Member and great dude Stu and I

Sean Mc Bean

Troy and I on the way up

A little helping hand for Troy

Tracks, yep snow was good (for aust)

I SC pumped, how could I not snowboarding in april on a WORK day :) thanks Team

View on the way to carpark

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living The Life In Sydney :)

Got up this morning and went to check suf and get a smoothie, while watching andy from the office shred I noticed four yes four dolphins having a ball about ten metres from where everyone was surfing.
I tryed to get a shot on the blackberry and i was facing into sun, but just imagine four dolphins out there having a ball :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Jib of the Year goes to

Ben Willick yet again, So stoked on someone being this pumped STILL.

Sorry im not there with you !

First Snow of the Year April 26th

Winter and Riding is not to far away that's for sure.

Falls Creek Summit

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Showroom Skate

More Photos to come for sure, but greatest friday night in ages...
thanks everyone
Heres a quick snap of the ramp ruler
Ralph Roadtourer

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Burton Vermont Workers Keeping It Real

So This email got sent around today to everyone at the office that shows two Burton people from Vermont hiking a pipe days after the season is over.

Stoked cause I know If i lived in vermont id be doing the exact same thing just maybe not going as big :) Goo Matty B

And heres Nate Boznuts new face tattoos, crazy

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our New Nephews

So the new nephews got moved to a hospital closer to our house so We can see them more often even though they are going to be in there for a couple of weeks.

Heres the happy mom with Lochlan

Lochlan and TC

More to come thats for sure we are proud Auntie and Unkles for sure

Bike Mission

So it seems everyone is doing it so why wouldn't I go on a 30 km ( on a mountain bike when everyone else has lycra and road bikes) for my first true ride of the year.
First thing sunday morning I attempted to keep up with some friends Metro mike (also known as mycra) and Adam Bomber who rides every freaking day on a ride from chelsea to Mt Eliza and Back with a big hill at the half way mark.

Number one NOT :)

Well I might not have been the fastest and had no lycra or bike helmet (yep thats a snowboard helmet) but I made it no dramas with some sore legs and a little sun burn to boot.
Same time next week Im back, anyone keen 9 am sunday morning Mycras place.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grey Matters Art Show LAst Thursday Night

So good friend Mark Lording organised another show titled "Grey Matters", it was also his birthday so I know he was pumped when you could not phsyically fit another person inside the gallery. The best thing about this show other than the awesome artists was how it was set up where every artist had their own room. Thanks To Ian Lording for all the photos.

Go Birthday Boy, representing our home suburb 3196 Chelsea postcode.

Marks Painting of Eddie Current Suppression Ring

One of Marks Pieces.

Mark and Ian (thanks again for all these photos)

Marky And Ralph

Nate Dogs Work, this piece I think this piece got inspired by one of our good friends

Heres Nate Dog and myself SC

If I had more money this would be on my wall right now Go Andy Murphy.

Go Danny Young with a Saints Reference ?

The artists, left to right nate, mark, joey, polly, Danny and Tim H

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So We are now Unkle and Aunty to Twins !!

My Sister and her hubby Ash had Twins today both Boys, Harrison and Lochlan.
They arrived a little early but are healthy but will be chilling in the hospital for a few more weeks till they are ready to enter the world.

Here's some shots from our phones there will be more to come that's for sure just waiting for a camera. (The first shots here are from crappy blackberry please excuse the bad quality the second ones are from TC's phone which are obviously a little clearer)

Don't worry I ordered this today (will be my third one since Xmas, third time lucky I hope)

TC's hand and Harrison !!!

The nurses made this card but spelled Lochlans name wrong

Lochlan looks nice and warm


Lochlan resting up

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Classic Cover Models

Someone superimposed Cameron from our marketing dept in the place of Ralphs old girlfriend
But none the less a classic shot of our fine friend Ralph Rottura
Need I say more ?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boot Ice Hockey

I know it sounds stupid, but in all seriousness it was so so freaking fun.

So after the meeting on thursday night in vermont Burton Hired a bus and rented out a ice rink for us to battle boot ice hockey. They were 6 teams and my team made it all the way to the grand final where we got smashed :)

It did get violent for sure and it was slippery as hell, skate shoes dont have the traction of skates i guess. I got taken out but as i backflipped my stick cut open the head of Christian who took me out it was pretty gnarly for sure.
Anyway thanks to everyone at Burton for this it was awesome ESPECIALLY Steph We all owe you !!!

Our Team

John Lacey and I head to head

Craig smith in the white top was on point

More action thanks again everyone

Friday, April 10, 2009

Australia Here I Come

So finally Im on the way home to good old australia
Meetings in vermont went really well, and yesterday we got to skate the Burton bowl, Photos coming soon

Right now I'm ate JFK New York waiting for the flight home.

So normally airport food sucks huh, well not here I just ate some really good mexi spot and worked out I could take a photo with my phone and email it to myself to post on here, the blackberry never works in Vermont though for some reason
So here's part of my meal anyone traveling through jfk stop by this place its good in the international terminal 7.

I ate the Tacos too quick to shoot a snap, fresh mexi food is heavenly !!!!
"asombrosamente bueno"

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vermont, USA !!!!!

So after one of the longest trips ever !!! we finally got to vermont, unfortunately for us the car rental place was closed by the time our plane landed. So after a taxi to motel and then a taxi back to rental place we actually got to Bolton Resort on sunday around 1130. There was still a little fresh around but it was pretty slow and icy in spots.

Oh well riding is riding and I had a ball. Here I am with one of my friends

I got to ride with Darren from our office in sydney and Craig from Burton Japan who set a mean pace all day. Here we are on top of the hill

It was Boltons last day open for the season and they had their annual pond skimming contest. Normally it would be a nice spring day, but it was snowing off and on and it looked so so cold. A bunch of Burton crew dressed up as the crew from Gilligans Island and where drinking a drink in a orange juice container. It was definatly not OJ thats for sure as Sharon from Burton Outerwear didnt even make the pond and had to be carried off. Watching people freeze thier asses off was awesome.

Heres Steph from Burton having a go

Look at this girls face it would have been freezing, they had to carry people out it was that cold.

Sunday night we ate Brazilian and they had alligator and no it didnt taste like chicken.
Today was a big day of meetings tommorow the same.

Till something exciting happens aloha from vermont
and tara i miss you !!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stuck In nyc jfk to be exact !

So currently I sc are stuck in jfk new york on way to burlington vermont for a Burton meeting.
Photos would not be good as We are pissed. Currently the plane is three hours late and we ar supposed to go riding tomorrow. Sucks to be right now

On a positive note Tara did something called "run for the kids" which is like a mini marathon 14 kms She rips if only i could run half as well as her :)