Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mindsnares last show at the arthouse

On Friday night Australia's best hardcore band mindsnare played the second last night the arthouse was open. The arthouse has supported the punk hardcore scene for as long a I can remember, we used to put shows on their when we were a little younger hehe, some of the best shows I've seen there include gorilla biscuits, psyco, one inch punch/myc, h20, CRo mags, forcefed, toe to toe, beanflipper/mull grinder and of course mad circle/mindsnare plus way to many more to Remember
Here's a couple of phone shots of the last night it was way to hectic to get band shots

Nigel and danny are two good friends I've been going to the arthouse with for a long time and have both played in many of the best shows here

Danny did this backdrop for mindsnare epic

Emily is all time and has stayed true to the edge forever
Nailed to the x

Arthouse we will all miss you and thanks for the good times

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

White legs and new shoes

Relaxing at home after a big morning at the gym with the wife in my new shoes that I'm stoked on but tc is not sure yet ???
Next week she will want some, I even it apre/snow/hiking boots from them thanks native :)

Us trip blog post coming soon

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorry These meetings are keeping me busy

But till i get home and update on my trip to the USA
Here is a clip of some shredders over this way that are epic

Updates soon


oh yeah Burlington is pretty nice this time of year

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SO I just arrived in Utah for a few days shredding and visiting family friends on the way to Burton HQ.
Josh our epic brother/brother in law picked me up from the airport and drove straight to In and Out, Stoked

It is pissing rain outside and super gloomy which means pow in the hills but it is still a little hard to fathom I was in weather like this yesterday when TC emails me a picture from her walk this morning out front of our house.

Hopefully tomorrow is EPIC !!!
have a great weekend everyone

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Wedding To Remember

On Friday, my old roommate and long time friend, Mandy, married her man Jo (legend).
It was without doubt one of the most romantic, emotional and fun weddings we have been to.
You knew from the start of their relationship that they would be together forever and they planned the day out perfectly. Jo's vows even came from a Cure song AWESOME

Her is Mandy with her mom and her stepdad.

Tara wanted me to post this, I know cheesy :)

Tara and Val queens of the kids

Cole, Cherrie and Tara

Bren, Val and Tara

Bren killed that dance floor

The Bride,Val and I

The end of the night - happy people

Thanks to Mandy and Jo for letting us be a part of their special day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visitors rule

One of taras best friends from the us came downunder this weekend for a wedding.
Serena is really awesome and her new boy and brother where really cool to.
Stoked we got to catch up her

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