Monday, June 30, 2008

Snow Snow and Snow

It had to come and come it did with over 20 cm of snow falling yesterday and last night our Winter is back on.
This weekend Sc has to go to Falls Creek for Work While TC gets to chill at cabin with friends.
There is going to be a little comp on this run (above) at falls which should be fun.
Stay tuned for more updates

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last weekend at Buller . . .

While SC was busy working on the hill with his new friend Hizza from the States, TC went with fellow cabin members Monq and Lars to collect some firewood for the cabin. It was a mission, but after a little four-wheel driving and lots of lifting (thanks Lars!), the back of the truck was full. Hopefully we'll stay warm for the season.

Lars doing the blue jobs . . . while TC and Monq were busy doing the
pink jobs (sitting in the car and laughing)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Office

So anyway Im(SC) up in sydney working away in the office !
So heres a shot, Paul Colby i hope it brings a tear, Paul used to run this office for anyone that doesnt know him. Paul then decided to jump ship and move to canada and we all miss him dearly.
Paul this post is for you !!!!!

In Photo Desmond Solway and Coco Boadle, background props stacey and mitch !!

Friday, June 20, 2008

This Week

Sc(me), Darren Solway and our new friend Hillary sherman visited pretty much every resort in oz, perisher, falls hotham and we are going to buller today.
There are some shots to come but till then i thought id update the blog with last weeks banger with the Wife TC killing it at Falls !!!
Coco Boadle shot thanks Coco

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend At Falls Creek

So we had to go visit Falls Creek for the opening of a new store up there as well some other work commitments.
Along with work we got to hike a couple of little jibs on saturday and then on sunday we got a slide(snowboard) a little box and ride lifts for the first time this Australian
Heres some Photos from the weekend ENJOY

Ralph was very jolly indeed, coco made the journey down from Sydney TC was team captain this day !

Our fave lodge Julians cooked us Kangaroo and sorry all you kangaroo lovers but it was amazing !!!!

Local Rob loved TC nearly as Much as he loved COCO

Sunday was the first Day Falls had lifts open and up we went, Ralph was a little tired from the night before so he stayed in Bed. He is now the team captain :)

Heres the lift we did laps of ! You didnt even have to unstrap.

Chris AKA Coco Aka Kboadle Still has it even though he lives by the beach and drinks Lattes like they are water !

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Opening Weekend Road Trip

So anyway last weekend was the Queens Bday weekend which means two things, firstly its a long weekend (we get monday off work) and secondly its the opening of the snow season.
So we started the day driving to yarra glen to meet Darren Coco and their ladies (Lauren and Lisa), of course they where late and they missed skating a wet skatepark.

We then proceeded to mansfield and all skated mansfield park after visiting a little market. Coco was ripping Darren wore fancy guy shoes so he didnt have to skate.
That night was the first night at our new cabin and firstly we played soccer

SC Solway and Coco Banana

Then ate dinner at Mill Inn (pretty good not amazing like last season, or is everything better in your memory).
After dinne
r Metro premiered his latest endeavour the Team Food movie to a round of applause.

In photo Front Row Val, TC, Lauren. Back row Metro the movie maker and Selway

Next day there was more skateboarding and of course eating at Mansfield Bakery

SC TC and Solway eating of course

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tepenyaki ???

So this week Sc has had a bunch of crew down from head office in sydney.
Weds was a big day interviewing people for a new position we have.
It was a long day so what better way to end it than with some japanese tepanyaki
Heres a shot of our new friend being the Tom Cruise ala Cocktail of the grill. The girl in the background was having her bday im not sure if we added to the occasion or ruined it :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hey look!

My favorite part of the weekend was at Southland (our local Fashion Place) on our way to watch Indiana Jones . . .

So, we pass this shop that has a Burton display and Shane's like, "Hey look, it's Jer." Then, he continues to take a photo of the window display (to share with the guys at work) and as I'm staring at the window I'm like, "Hey look, it's you!" Ha ha . . . thanks to our mate Coco in the marketing department, my hubby's face is in a window display. I love it!

Can you tell which photo is him???

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Our friends from Eddy Current have a new album out, Primary Colors. On Saturday night, Jammo, KT Moo and I went to their album launch at the Corner Hotel. It was a great night . . . and if you haven't bought the album yet, I highly recommend it (Shane's wife loves him so much, she bought him all three records - red, yellow, AND blue, because she knows how much he loves his vinyl). The venue was packed, so I couldn't get the best shot, but here you go . . .

Oh yeah, after the show I was driving home and had to take my first drug driving test (along with the standard breathaliser). It was an interesting experience and I'm proud to say that I passed (as if there was ever a doubt).

Juventus Game

This one goes out to my dad (AKA SoccerDoc) and those brothers of mine . . .

That's right, it's a ticket to the Melbourne Victory vs. Juventus game that I went to on Friday night. Not only that, but I got to sit with all of the Juventus family and friends (including the team doctors that flew over from Italy). Shane has kept it a little secret (not realizing what a big deal it is), but one of his friend's brothers just so happens to play goalie for Juventus . . . VanStratten! Wish you guys could have been here!