Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally Sc went and visited the other side of Sydney

So finally I(SC) went and had dinner with Darren, Lisa, Lauren and Coco on their side of Sydney !

Sulway (coworker) drove me over to Bronte where they live and we had mega steaks for dinner at a pub that felt like a upper class version of our local pub.

Heres is Sulway sometimes known to the world as Solway and Lisa his finaccceeeeee

Heres Coco and Lauren planning out Cocos new haircut !

On the way back I caught the ferry from Sydney CBD to Manly where the Burton Aust Office is.

Pretty rad views along the way

Wishing I was here

This is what I have been missing out on while stuck up in sydney doing showings
Damn Damn Damn
Tc is living it up for sure I miss everyone

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Bruce aka Bruiser turned 40 on Saturday.
He had a dress up in ,whatever you think people might have been wearing the year he was born, 1969 party. It was so good to see the effort people made, I unfortunately ended up skating all day and all I could muster up was a tie die t-shirt, Sorry Bruce and Narelle !

Other people on the other hand went all out

Here is Scotty g Dressed up as your fave artist Andy Warhol

Steve Gourlay went far and beyond the call of duty here !

Birthday boy !!

These guys went to quite a bit of effort to have a ball :)

Yeah Vans

TC Lars and Monk

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skateboarding never gets old EVER

Friday afternoon ended with a little office skate, saturday started here which without doubt is my fave skate park.

10 mins from our home good times

I took this shot for Park so he flies out here and tears it apart

View from front end

Stoked to see the Nicole, Luke and Cam thanks for coming down

Saturday skateboarding ended here at the New Chelsea ramp which is located right where the old 9 footer was. It is still quite big and i need to be skating more to enjoy it for sure.

Yeah Chelsea

Mark was ripping

Saturday night was good friends Bruisers birthday which deserves it own post
Stay Tuned :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally A New Update !!!!

So I (SC) have been working at least 12 hours a day and coming home and falling asleep straight away, so hence the lack of updates. TC has also been working late every day and the company she works for looks like it might be out of the woods for the time being (touch wood).

Sunday was our first full day off since being back from SLC, the weather was great and to start the day we went to the local breakfast spoke with Miami Mike. It was my first time shooting with my new fish eye lens hence all the shots below, sorry for the over kill :)

Heres TC and Mike preparing to EAT.

Troy aka Frank the Tank was trying to sober up at the breakfast bar with his Girl and her son. Great People for sure

Miami has never washed his car he went to buy petrol the other day and since it was so so cheap he decided to wash his car for the first time in years, here he is looking proud

This week Darren from our head office in sydney came down to help with showings ! Heres he and Tc happy to be home after a late night of work

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shepard Obama Poster Interview

Its a day of video posts but I really like what Shepard gets up too, this is another good watch for sure

oh Brighton oh brighton

Found this little random movie on a www.snowboard which is a cool snowboarding site. I have no idea who the people are who are in it but it so so makes me wish We where back at Brighton doing turns like the one below

Me in Domo and Mitchs secret run Brighton Utah

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Summer Time, Good Times

Today we finished showings and rushed to skate since the weather was so rad and Brenny was up for having us over.
So this was co worker Clints first time skating a backyard mini skateboard ramp in 10 years. Hes been busy surfing and chasing the endless winter.

Needless to say after less than two runs he was pumped. Sweet frontside grind later Clint smashed out a smith grind

Ramp owner Brendawg ripping

Token Me(SC) shot thanks clint

Ralph hasnt had a full summer skating in years. This summer he did so far and it shows ON FIRE

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Heat Is On !!!

Yesterday was the warmest day since we have been back from Salt Lake City.
So Straight (and I mean straight) after work We all met at the Boat Shed which is about 5 mins from our house for a BBQ and some beach time activities.

Here is me paddling down from our apartment complex with some drinks in a shopping bag, not the best idea but i did make it.

Ralphy getting Salty

I have never EVER seen this many people on the beach EVER

Tara and A cool Sunset

Here is our boat shed that along with a few friends that we bought a few years back Good Times for sure.

Thanks for Shirvo for all the photos

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lack OF Updates Are Due to this !!!

We have been so busy Selling in the New Burton line, I have one day off in the next three weeks, this sunday, the weather better be GREAT.
On the weekend We talked TC into coming and help, and she did really well.
Maybe if finance doesnt work out she can get a sales job.

Clint and TC preparing Showroom

Heres Clint, Miami, Jammo, Tc and I on saturday night down the beach

Monday morning Blues For Ralphy, something about Espy , a girl and dance party with one too many beers. Luckily for him we bought him this blanket back from Utah

Travelling Home

So after getting stuck in LA for a couple of days we Finally got to come home

Heres TC and her new friend
GO United, I wish I never had to fly with them again

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 23 the End is here, well so we thought

Day 23 Our Last day in utah and of course it dumped all day, luckily we had a full crew, marc, rick, Mike and Mitch all shredding brighton together.

Good way to end a trip to Salt Lake City

Mitch yet again chucking a good method

Mike blazing tracks

Me pretending to film a part for a surf movie in the snow

Marc learnt this trick from his brother Rick

Anyone Say Groundhog day, Robbie walker was just filming close by for the new People movie so he came and ate also.

Leaving was pretty sad, especially since there was about 4 inches on the freeway
Im missing everyone already

TC now has her own TV show

So our plane got delayed due to mechanical errors so we got to stay in a pretty swish motel in LA for free, id rather be home though.
So now there is day 24 in USA
Lets hope we can fly out tonight

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 21 and 22 I wish It wouldn't have to End

Saturday was day 21 and it snowed around 10 inches over night, Og Utah friend Brenner Adams picked me up nice and early and We got to Brighton nice and early. So early in fact we got to wait in the cold for the chair to open up.

Ski Patrol making sure it nice and safe for us :)

Brighton Im going to miss you !!!!

The Bakers rocked up and it was Utah reunion, the bakers have been coming to utah for as long as I have way over 10 years and Brenner was the person that introduced us to Utah when he worked at Winterstick snowboards.

Mitch got worked, his roomate borrowed some screws and didn't put them back, he had to take chair down !!! Im pretty sure he is now moving out

That night we went to dinner and Old Friend Ryley rocked up ! Ryley is the nicest gangster youll ever meet.

Sunday was going to be the coldest day of they year, as we drove up it was -1 f, which is minus 18 in celcuis, ccccccoooooolllld.
Shannon and Tara came up as did Shannons mom and dad. It warmed up pretty quickly though and there where so many many hits its was awesome, it did feel like first day I could do a few little jumps since the freaking rock accident.

Who said its hard to drink in Salt Lake City, here is a random guy pounding beers at the top of Crest Lift. Check Marc in the background freaking out

TC and Leslie (shannons, tc best friends mom), thats a mouthful

Friday, January 2, 2009

Days 19 and 20 in Good Old Salt Lake City

Day 19 for SC/Tc in Salt Lake was spent resting, I did stretches and heat packs to try and get this stupid bruising fixed to little or no avail. TC shopped and watched movies with her family. It was then great to go eat cafe rio with Rick Baker and chill with peeps at the milo superstore, including good dudes Keegan and Cale.
Today was a little overcast and not looking that great for riding, Rick and I went up anyway and had a ball. Little groomer jibs and hits.

Ricks Got a Great Method, most people think of pro snowboarder jamie lynn when they chuck methods. Not me I think of Ricks and Dr jumps methods

Anyone that has been to Brighton more than a couple times knows this Girl commonly know as Miss Milly, a legend she is the person who takes your shot when you get a season pass.

Friday Night at Gateway Mall, downtown Salt Lake City

Oh Yeah its dumping outside Snowboarding is going to be fun tomorrow, three more days here then back to an Aussie summer. Which I am actually looking forward to, Tc will be sad but as long as it is sunny back home she will cheer up.