Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Camera !!!!

Finally thanks to the wife(TC) and family I got the digi camera Ive been dying to get.
Muy excelente birthday present for sure.

You will be seeing a lot more quality (lets hope) photos on here from now on, and apperantly thats what people like to see on the internet(thats what the marketing crew told me), so maybe our hits will go through the ROOF.

Here's the first round ! Some may be a little boring but hey I'm siked to finally get with the times!

Heres Chris Boadle in the Sydney Burton office

Today I flew to sydney to meet up with Tim Hill, one hundred per cent great person. Solid as a rock.

Boadle took this shot, Desmond Sulway being a male model

This shot is For the mother in law, heres TC and mumma Carter

Someone is feeling another year older but none the wiser !
This shot is also for Soccer Mom aka Joyce Roberts (mother in law) boadle also took this shot, no i didnt shoot a photo of myself :)

Tommorow night it is the gorilla Biscuits show, I have never ever been this excited to see a band.
Shots coming soon, that is unless im to busy dancing :)


paulsworld said...

What camera did you get? Just in time for Utah hey.... Birthdays are rad.

SC/TC said...

Followed everyones advice and got the G9