Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cab rules

If I could skate 1 tenth as well as Steve Cab at his age Id be so so stoked, he must be in his late 40's

Here he is Ripping at Bondi Bowlrama last weekend, and no I didnt go ! Sounded like it was awesome though.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Skateboarding with Old Friends

So Enzo invited me to go skate the new local Chelsea ramp with him and Nigel Melder.
Nigel grew up in chelsea and is who got me my first job in melbourne at Trigger Bros and showed me pretty much every skatepark in melbourne, 20 years ago this year (the year i met Enzo also)

The chelsea ramp is located in the old location of the chelsea vert ramp and nigel ripped that to shreds so it was great to skate with him again.

"3196 love your hood"

"3196 if you live here love it"
Ramp graffti always rules,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

House Work

Saturday started out at the local hardware super store, jobs where : fixing the gate, putting shelves up (TC bought them over a year ago) and putting a frame up.
No one would believe it but I actually did it !! Heres the photos to prove it to everyone that thinks we paid someone to come over :)
Good tools do help thats for sure.

TC and the New Shelves, this photo is for you soccer doc !

Gate was hanging off its hinges now its working perfect

Well deserved Swim

Friday Night Yet again more skating

Friday night was so good, old friend ENZO dropped by and ripped !!

The man who is now known as The JD man, learnt smith grinds ! Footage will be loaded soon :)

4 years deep, Wedding Anniversary Lawn Bowls

So for our fourth wedding anniversary TC and I went lawn bowling with TC's work social group.
I got to meet TC's bosses and all her work friends. I think it went ok the old guys at the bowling club ruled and made us a great BBQ. TC made me a homemade calender with photos of us so RAD

Lessons, this guy ruled so much

My Team(linda, lily and TC), Yep I lucked out well so all the old guys said

Sign above the toilets to remind you to keep drinking :)

Auski and Dejavu boys come visit office

It was great to see everyone having a good time at the office on Tuesday night, thanks for coming guys.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Brighton Rippage !!!

SO our friend and NWO rider Chris Jepson just got back from the good old 801 (Salt lake City) and posted this little gem on pop.

TC's fave is the end with the dancer at TRAPDOOR (a gay bar, if you hadn't worked that out) !

Utah 2009 Part Deuce from POP Magazine on Vimeo.

Love your work Chunk

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Instant Film Lovers Rejoice !

Check this link out ! It seems this crew has purchased the Polaroid factory and is going to be producing instant film once again. F..K Yeah


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freaking Windwanker

Is the name a lot of windsurfers get due to the full on gear heads that are a minority in the sport of sailboarding. I have called many a customer when i was working a retail a windwanker after they gave me a hard time for not having that part they needed for their 20 year old setup they wanted to restore.
On the weekend I actually gave windsurfing a go and had a good time, I do promise that I WILL never go into a store looking for ancient products or wind meters :)
I probably wont ever do it again but it still was fun.

Heres some evidence of yours truly having a go

TC was there for support, many a time she had to paddle out of the way as I had little or no control !

Leon "Cheese"Carrols Birthday Skate

Friday afternoon after work skate at the office was a little special this week, since it was Cheese's Birthday.
Along to celebrate with the bday boy was Al Wilson, kerry fisher, Glen Scott, Ralph, Breny and I.
It was good to be back skating after what felt like an eternity of showing the Burton line and being up in Sydney, I had nothing though.
Good Times none the less.

Yep Ralph has frontside nose blunts pretty darn good, Ive gotta get my skate legs back thats for sure.

Glen Scott Capturing the Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy Cheese killing it, Breny and Ralph looking on with approval

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Teaser Season

I love watching all the new snowboard teasers and this time of year is always exciting to see what is going on in the snowboarding world
There is always room in my mind for new crews and smaller movie companies. These guys are from salt lake and they have an aussie filming with them Clint Allen so I figured why not post the link
Since this blog is all about Two people one from Salt lake and one From Melbourne australia
Check it out its a good watch

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Days

This is what I got TC !!! even though she got it last week, I have to remind her :)
and we are going for a gym date here :)

Can you really have a fave place in the world

IF so go to this web page
To check whats happening at one of my fave places in the world.
Everyday old Friend Mr Winkler updates something cool on here.

In case you ever read this thanks again Captain Winky

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bon Beachs Own LAnce Armstrong

So TC's bike recently fell apart and wasn't too fun to ride ! Me being the great tradesmen/bike mechanic I am, I ordered Tara a new one. Sunday we went and picked it up.

Here's Tc and our truck. Stoked on her new bike

First Day of Training for the Tour De France we figured we would do a Tour De Chelsea. Chelsea is the local suburb next to where we live. We went and visited my the old house/stomping ground that I lived in with friends for over ten years, lots of good memories for sure.
Not much had changed other than it looked a whole lot cleaner.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Time

So Saturday was my last day in Sydney.
Stoked, sorry Sydney crew but I'm missing my wife way to much, but I will miss getting salty and surfing with you all.

This is the plane getting me home Yay Qantas !

Imagine how stoked I was to see the wife come and get me, Taxis are a waste of time.

And when I got home TC and friend Mike Metro had been busy putting up a bunch of my skate boards, So Excited our new home is looking like the home Ive always wanted

The best brother in law sent me this Stoked

Jason Adams actually sent me this board somehow ?

Cheapest Thomas Campbell Artwork Ever all I'll ever be able to Afford that's for sure

Mike Giant Santa Cruz Boards thanks Lars.

Sydney Storms

So yesterday was my last day up in Sydney after two weeks of showing the new Burton Line, right in the middle of a presentation I hear a bang. I look out side and bam a tree fell across the front door of the office.

Here's our Hr manager Mozza moving the tree out of the way, well trying

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Manly Good Food spots

When in Manly stop by these spots

Mexi or peperoni pizza here for sure

Breakfast and lunch is always on point here and friends say the coffee is great also !

and they are both across the road from each other
can anyone tell Im bored up here at night :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yet another legendary Coworker

Meet Mitch Ashton, If you have never met him your missing out thats for sure.
100% solid as a rock and always there to lend a hand. His nickname up here in Sydney is Bacon as he does like to eat the odd egg and bacon roll :)

Heres Mitch Taking me for a paddle around Sydney harbor, which was all time fun.
Thanks again Bacon