Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Happy BirthDay Jammo

Its the first day of summer here in OZ, and that means its our friend Stuart "jammo" matthews bday also. Heres a few shots of him from the last year or so, in celebration of the big day. He doesnt look to different these days and hes drinking beer in all shots so he must be celebrating something.

Mansfield Skatepark Stuart and LArs and some local.

His girlfriends friends and Stuart

Stuart and a cut off TC

This is katie aka Moo also known as Stuarts better half.

Sausage Time

A friend of everyone's Jamie is moving away so his kind sister and brother in law threw a little BBQ slash mini ramp session for everyone to say goodbye. Good times where had by all, the ramp got skated non stop with Jamie getting best on ground that's for sure.

Anyway here is some shots, thanks to brenny and val for having us over. Miami Mike Didnt turn up I hope he is ok !

PS I made burgers that were pretty good and TC made her spinach dip that went down a treat :)

Val, Julie kim, ben and Kaitlin.

Val and Gazza ! and everyone else

Nick, Tc, Claire and Kaitlin looking like they are enjoying the sun.

Marky and I, Mark skated really well until he slipped on some slippery cement on the way to the car and dropped his cooler/esky and split his elbow open :)

Brendan aka Bam Bam knows how to cook a BBQ thats for sure. Check out those Carter Burgers coming to a burger spot near you soon.

Enzo is a ripper from way back, somehow he kept these shorts in good condition from way back also.. They have to be 15 years old Enzo used to sing in a band called "TBS" We will give a prize to anyone who posts what the TBS stands for....

I was worried Enzo was going to split those shorts with this boneless. Luckily for all he didnt.

Ralph had a sore head from The bucks night we went to the night before.

So Scooter and Nate gave him some love.

Which gave him the will to make this pivot to fakie on the makeship extension. Like I said before he has this trick on LOCK

Obviously everyone in the shot got the memo to wear white :) Enzo and I forgot our red beanies though. I did match the red in my tshirt though

Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Times in Seaford.

Friday Afternoon luckily our work day ends at three, so everyone up in the Sydney office can go get salty (surf), in winter its great for us as we get a head start on getting to the mountains. In summer what better to do than go skate.
Today we ventured out to seaford, which has changed quite a bit over time. From a slab of concrete with a metal spine ramp and some ledges to a concrete set up that it is now. It has never been like the mega parks you see around today, but has always offered mellow fun times, Thanks Seaford.

Heres some Blurry Shots please go easy on me, I lost my digi (of course I did I hear you say) and are using my blackberry for these updates.

Seaford Overview check Als smith on the ledge.

Ralph had this line on lockdown this isnt the best shot sorry, I blame that on the blackberry :)

Leon Cruising through, Leons Tattoos are great his fave by far is the "Good Times" on his arm that is you look at it quickly reads "Cool Limes" or "Cool Lines" as leon had in the seaford park thats for sure.

Almost our Back yard !!!!

Lately the weather here hasn't been so great, not really tanning weather for Tc. She is still Stoked to go hang down there after work though.

Now I do have some friends that are stoked on this weather how good is this shot courtesy of our friend Mark, and yes this is the bay Port Phillip bay that our apartment complex backs on to. Shaka BRA

Bay Waves !!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Run Forest Run

Pretty Cool Little Clip from your friends over at Nike...

For Sure worth the 2 mins it takes to download.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lawn Bowls isnt just for the old, Good Times at the Trigger Bros Xmas Party

So Yesterday was the Annual Trigger Xmas party and this year they decided to go Lawn Bowling. TC and I picked up Stuart (jammo) and off we went, the sun then decided to rear its head after a weekend of pouring rain. Fun times where had and there was even cheesecake for dessert !

Jon is a legend as everyone that meets him quickly relises. He organised the whole thing (food and all) and had his little girls along for the day, who are growing up so quick. Im for sure feeling OLD.

TC won a game or two and of course threw out the "Number One" sign :) She was en fuego

If you havent had the pleasure of meeting this man, your missing out sorry. Triggs is the real deal, 100% legend still surfs every day, loves snowboarding as much as anyone and knows how to have a good time for sure.

Pretty much the tres Trigger Chelsea Store Amigos, back in the day we three all worked together at The RIP Trigger Chelsea store. Stuart, ME(SC) and Triggs, the lawn bowls competition was pretty intense between us three.

Stuart(jammo) smiling cause he had the bowling technique down pat and also because drinks where super cheap.

Matt Trigger Found a little time out of the surf to come by and say hi.

Scoots decided not to participate in in bowling games and chill at the bar, here he is loving TC (Im a lucky boy for real) as you can see he was on fire :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

5-0 To fakie !!!

Team Food member, Forum Aussie leader, Office Organiser etc. etc. has this trick on lockdown. Seriously I dont think anyone, even fuel Tv presenter Corbin Harris has the trick so down as our friend here Ralph "popeye" Roadtourer.
Im still not sure how he hasnt had a trick tip in a mag doing this.
Here he is last night showing us yet again how to do it correct ! On Brenys perfect backkyard mini.

Sorry for black space i was trying to get Fletcher the dog in the shot also and imagine that my blackberry phone camera couldnt capture both !

Quantum of Solace

Tc and I went and watched the new James Bond movie last night. Quantum of Solace and We where not disappointed. The action is out of hand ! And Daniel Craig is one of the best James Bonds for sure.

One Week Till Summer ? I dont think so !

Check this shot from Hotham, this morning YES this morning.

Somehow I think summer might be a little further away than We all think. Anyone for a Road Trip ?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hard Day At The Office For Our Sleepy Friend Ralph

Yesterday Ralph and I where up in Sydney for meetings, on the the flight home someone had a little nap. Poor Guy, meetings really take it out of the big guy. The guy next to me slept the whole time also sucks to be me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tara's Pick For Photo of The week

Since Tara (aka TC) never really has the time to update this Blog, I figured if she chooses a photo each week to post here at least then she is contributing.
So without further ado here is TC's photo of the week . . .

The view underneath the pier at Coral Sea in Airlie Beach

Friday, November 14, 2008

No the blog isnt all about music ! but Im excited thats for sure

But now that Im only leaving to go to Utah on the 13th, I can take TC(her brothers are going to be jealous) to see Gorilla Biscuits on the friday night. What a weekend that will be, friday see GB, Saturday fly to Utah, Sunday ride Brighton (fave resort) see inlaws and eat Cafe Rio.

Im really missing going snowboarding if you couldn't tell.

Split Lip

Was an amazing band that never really gained the attention they deserved. They where there on a lot of journeys in my life that's for sure. My first ever trip to Utah i think this was the only CD we played, they later changed their name to Chamberlain and are actually getting back together for a show in Chicago next year. Do you think I can talk Burton into sending me to the US to check out the Chicago store :)
Anyway watch this clip it gives me shivers that's for sure.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Gotta Get One Of These

Hopefully it is for real that they are going to be available at the Gorilla Biscuit shows here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally an Update (SORRY) but heres Breny and Vals Wedding Trip To Airley Beach Update!

So our friends Breny and Val decided to get married up in airley beach which is up on the great barrier reef, which is two flights away. This is why we have been slacking on the Blog Updates. Below is a little timeline of the week away.

First Up heres Me(SC) waiting for the plane up in Brisbane where we had a three hour layover.

We stayed at a Resort called Coral Sea, it has a really nice pool and overlooks the water. Pretty much all our free time was spent by the pool.
Heres TC, Val and Claire tanning themselves :)

Im not one for tanning but are all for swimming !

Ralph and I skated anywhere we could ! Walked across town to find the skate park in 30 degree heat (or 100c, if your in North America) only to find some amazing drains which ill post later that where fun to skate. And never got to skate the park.

I think everyone reading this knows Chris Coco Boadle and now you know how he stays so fit, its not snowboarding or surfing its push ups where ever and whenever he can :)

One day miami/boss hog mike and Ralph decided to have Cocktails for breakfast and drink every cocktail on the menu. That was until we all decided to get our rev head on and

Go Ride JET Skis

This stopped ralph in his tracks after one cocktail and we had a ball, The guy renting them for the day didnt care less about what was going on as he was part time. We where told to never be in 100 metres of another jet ski. There was no time that when all 5 skidoos where not in a within 10 metres of each other, a little scary thats for sure. In photo above you see Ralph, Nick, Sc, coco and then the groom to be Breny.

In the above Photo is the bride Val and TC holding Vals and Brenys nieces, 5 mins after this shot the little girl tara was holding peed on her dress, needless to say Tara was shocked but handled it really well. I know I wouldnt have !!

Above is the Wedding party Val and Breny, elisha, Steve, TC and SC :)

The Happy Couple !

Here Tc and I on the ferry back to the airport Tc of course got a little sunburnt and it was a fun end to a really good wedding week. THANKS BRENY AND VAL congrats again.