Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Days 9 and 10

So yesterday I chilled and tryed to get that bruise better, to no real avail. I helped the brother in law pick up his new BBQ at home depot. Then at night went downtown to shop at Fice ate some Pizza then

We all then went and ate best ice cream around, heres TC and Kate

Coco and Colby Stoked

Today was another story, I sucked it up and got up nice and early since it snowed 21 inches in the last 24 hours and it was still dumping downtown. Up to brighton we went, and took a bunch of laps through the trees, little pillow lines and into little tight trails with a super cool crew consisting of all the aussies plus Brenner Adams and his friends.

TC coming out of the trees

Paul Colby Ripping

TC and Brenner made sure they matched jackets today

After about 5 laps we decided to go wait for Millicent Lift to open, as today it was supposed to open at 12 oclock for the first time this year.

We all waited and waited ate some burgers and lined up for what seemed like days.
Brenner bought the head lifty a hot chocolate and he said he would give us the heads up 5 mins before it opened, somehow he quickly forgot that comment and told everyone.

Heres Mitch and Tara waiting

It was like a stampede and guess what for the second year in a row i was on first chair, and you wouldn't believe it but on the same chair was a girl that was on first chair with me last year CRAZY. Everyone had a ball, it did hurt quite a bit but It was worth it for sure and hopefully it doe'snt make that stupid bruise any worse :)

Coco smiling, Team Food we missed you all today but we all know there will be plenty more great days soon

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