Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sentimental, thats for sure

Do your self a favour and watch this.

This band without doubt changed so much in my life for the better thats for sure. Thanks Gorilla Biscuits

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trigger BBQ and TC

Is on tommorow, last day of aussie snowboarding this season and beleive you me I cannot wait. IF TC was coming it would be even better, but she is at a murder mystery party in phillip island. Ive lost my digi so hopefully someone takes a bunch of cool shots.
See you there if your around it always one of the best days of the year...

Speaking of Tc, I organised to send her some flowers to work and then proceeded to forget about them until this photo arrived to my phone. How lucky am I

Radio Silence Book

So old friend Jarvis alerted me to a new book on hardcore called Radio Silence.
So I ordered it Straight away and am so stoked to get it in the mail. Anyway while searching the Radio Silence website i noticed their Launch party in LA, where the editors got together a panel of a bunch of legendary (long since broken up) 80s hardcore bands and had a panel(im guessing q and a).
SO im getting shivers thinking about hearing what the guys from Chain of Strength etc are all up to and I Notice that a friend from the snowboarding world took most of the photos on the website.
So of course i facebooked him straight away to hear about how amazing the night was, he hit me back straight away with some cool stories and more photos and now I cannot wait for not only the book to arrive but also to see reformed hardcore hero's GORILLA BISCUITS to tour australia in december.
Nostalgic f..k Yeah I am.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorry For The Slacking On Updates

Its been a busy Week or so as of late.
Last week was spent in Canberra for the SIA Tradeshow which went off quite well.
On the way to Canberra we stopped off in my old home town and had a quick roll.
Heres a shot of Albury skate park notice like all parks these days that BMXers double skateboarders. It was hot and we didnt skate long but I still felt a little home sick :)

After that we went out in canberra for Ralphs birthday, it was really fun.

Ralph had an AMAZING BDay !!! Notice the smile already :)

On the way home I noticed this Sign, if only it had Salt Lake on it also it would have some of my fave places in the world, oh well

So I got to come home for a night and go to the Trigger Video premier sponsored by Burton. Then the next day after work it was straight to Brenys bucks weekend which consisted of riding mini motos, 4 wheel driving and camping.
Riding the motos was so fun, I think if i had some spare cash Id get one for sure. Anyway heres my camping setup ! Hopefully TC and I get to go camping someday soon TOGETHER

Sunday I got home to the wife, played ping pong, shopped and then had to get up bright and early to fly to the home of ksubi's, thongs and Chris Kboadle. Where I am till weds night.
More photos to come soon !

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing Out

For some reason I just found this on the net and was so stoked, we didnt get to go to the launch party for some reason (i was probably working), But anyway it is so soo good.
Take the time to watch and see a tonne of good people watching a great show down at the boatshed at good old chelsea beach.

Eddy Current you guys rule !

For those that dont know this beach is the beach we spend pretty much every good day of summer at, and along with some friends we bought this boat shed a couple of years ago.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Making The Most of IT !

Yesterday, Saturday the 4th of of October was closing day at Mt Buller. It was also the day we has to go clean out our Cabin at Buller. After a couple of hours of packing the cars with all our junk and a light clean as it was decided we would pay someone to do it :) Mike Ralph and Lars drove back to melbourne and after some deliberation I, SC decided to go ride the last day of list operation up Buller. Bourke street was the only run open which is pretty much a beginner run but there was a bunch of little jumps, bonks etc to entertain everyone. Mind you I pretty much knew everyone that was snowboarding that day and it turned out to be so much fun. Some crew went and set up a little rail and i filmed them for the POP site, Matty, Mitch Tim W, Chunk and Crew where on fire that was for sure. We then went and checked out what was left of the PIPE.

Heres Benny Willick, who has been riding Buller as long as anyone I pretty much know (other than LARS) dropping in for one last run.

IT may not look like much but To me thats what makes snowboarding so fun. Being outside with your friends trying new stuff with not a care in the world other than having fun. Ben Willick now is in charge of big construction projects but still has the same stoke he had when i first met him when he must have been 15 years old Which rules.
And thats whats so amazing without snowboarding I wouldn't have half the friends I do, see the places I have and have the amazing wife that I do !
Thanks snowboarding :)

Mega Update

So We have been slack things have been a little busy as of late but anyway I have been using the camera on my phone, hence the not so good photos to document what SC/TC get up too.
The following shots are from the last two weeks, the more recent shots first.

First up is some friends that work at Trigger Bros Frankston

So on friday afternoon a long time employee of Triggers Matt Wilson had his last day, I needed to wax my board so I killed two birds with one stone/visit. While i was waxing away one of the workers, Todd finished for the day and excalimed "Thank god" and ran to the bathroom to start being sick, unfortunately he left the door open and I snapped this piece of gold. And No he didnt eat anything bad for lunch that day but had one big night, I still have no idea how he held on all day.

Heres Ralph, Alex the russian, Tara (aka TC) and our truck :)

This was taken last weekend at Mt Buller and was Ralph and Tara's last day of riding which ended up being all time. And I know I say that alot but That particular weekend we hit some really fun small jumps with Tc, Lars and Monk, Ralph and I then rode the bigger jumps on the summit of buller which was so fun and then we even got a rail on. Pretty much doing everything possible at Buller bought some big smiles to everyones Face, Ralph was pushing us all to step up on the rails until he slip on a rainbow and had a sore shoulder all week.

Nearly two weeks ago I took the week off to ride, first off I went to Buller and rode with these two legends Joel and TROY aka T_ROY.

Troy is not in blue and is one of the funniest people i have ever met. He still calls every girl he meets Babe and gets away with it ! Falls over while telling stories, makes me feel coordinated :) and makes me laugh every second he is around. This day i hurt my knee pretty bad which had Troy telling me to get up and run around as thats what he does if he ever gets hurt, unfortunately i could hardly walk so there was no running.
If you ever get to meet this guy take the time to hear a story or two youll be in stitches trust me.