Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A quick little Ted update

Tedman and Tara go to Utah for nearly three weeks on Thursday
I'm going to freaking miss them that's for sure.
Here is a couple of shots from Bath time which is the best with this guy he loves it so much. He also just learnt to wave and point it's the small things really get you excited I never thought I'd love anything other than Tara this much. Ted freaking rules

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Location:Casa carter

Our contest really attracts good weather ...not

Every year we attract bad weather and this year was no different
There is plenty of other posts of the tricks so I figured let's show the party and people

Pow landing for real

Cp not feeling well and Tim laid law

Jason and matt Galina

Colby and announcer chunk

Legends of Buller Robbie walker and chris coco boadle

Ash McCann Colby Zander and Griffo stoked

Brad had his bday party with us and Tom Pelly won the event so he partied

Ang and lani

Lovers chair Ralph and Kat

Girls at a snowboard party wow Kat, ??? And ash

Christine from tsc snowboard camp and Colby loving the free coronas

Will and his tsc friend April

Nick will Ralph Kat and Heidi

My thumb trying to get in shot Xander Griffo and Colby

Chunk partied a little to hard

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Location:Mt Buller