Saturday, October 31, 2009

Late Arvo Sons live shots from last night

Yes its good friend Marks band Late Arvo Sons weekend.
Last night they played at old punk rock venue "The GB" in richmond. Some of the best shows I have ever been to have been there, Propagandhi played that stage many years ago.
Anyway they played super well and the crowd seemed really into it.
Heres some shots from the night

Late Arvo Sons

See the crowd was loving it, William having a blast

Jammo in white and Danny next to him good friends, thanks for lift Jammo

More Late Arvo Sons

Yet again

Check out Late Arvo sons at
Thanks to danny, Mikey, Mark, Sarah and Jammo for an all time night.

This week is Melbourne cup week so everyone gets Tuesday off work, cannot wait to get out and ride the new bike I finally bought yesterday, now all I need is a bike gang that lives down this way.
Bike post tuesday.

Late Arvo Sons New Film Clip

Our Friend Marks band is killing it right now and here is their first clip from their new cd
Check it out awesome

Late Arvo Sons - 'skin' from jim curlis on Vimeo.

Friday, October 30, 2009

More Video Premier Madness

This time the POP guys organised a premier for Peoples new movie "Nice try".
Good times for sure, We bailed about 20 mins after movie. Funny story though I drove in Ralph and as Ralphy and I left for car, people just assumed we where going to after party so around 20 people followed us to my car. Once at car they where like "what the f..k" pretty funny for sure.
Anyway well done Rick and Dave and congrats all round good dude Robbie Walker for slaying it.

Rick from pop making sure people know where to go

Chunk should start a rap or motivational speech career some day

Packed house

The man of the hour Robbie walker

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mega Burton Premier Party shots and Sydney Update !!! photos galore, Hopefully you ENJOY

The last week or so we had two premiers for Burtons New Movie The B
Both parties went off perfectly (well done coco) and Tc took a couple days off work and came to sydney to hang out which made the week awesome.
As they say photos are worth a thousand words so here some shots
For more shots check POP, my Burton page or See my method
Sydney was so awesome staying in town was cool and Tc got to learn a lot more about Sydney and its history thanks to a cool morning at the Sydney Museum.

Check the photos !!!!
Melbourne Tuesday Night

So many people tryed to steal these B logos, we caught them all in melbourne, Sydney theives are smarter and got away with them all.

Tc Chunk and Lily

Some Dude, Tc, Breny, Steve from Vortex and Robbie Walker all chilling

What a crew of friends Coco, Tc, Ralph and Chunk

More good friends Metro, Fitzy, TC, Rochelle and Coco partying up a storm

Sydney Thursday night

Sydney entrance to movie

TC and Trines getting ready at our room in sydney

Claire and blogging madman Dan and Paul

Mitch and Beau who travelled all the way down from newcastle

Rocker Chick aka Sylvia and Tim Hill

2 of mtvs finest :)

Wes was having time of his life

Jason and Tim

Tim (morri) loving the dance party check the look on brennas face Sally in back ground

TC and Shrivo

Fellow office workers having a ball

Nick Pistol Gregory and Ash Mcann good people

Dance Party TC Lauren and Kate

Kate Lisa TC and Lauren

View from the hotels pool/gym

Gotta love a hotels pool

Lisa and Tc eating up a storm in Surry Hills Sydney

More tourist shots

Great times Movie tour went great thanks to anyone reading this that came along. Yep Colby super glad you made it :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet Again Sorry For Lack OF Updates, but here is the last week or so in 8 fotos :)

The last week has been spent up in Canberra selling the dream :)
Not many good foto opportunities but here is a couple off the phone

The week started with an 8 hour roadtrip here is Lachy and Rory ordering mcdonalds for the first time, this would continue everyday for the next week.

It was Ralphs Bday while we where in Canberra needless to say he had a ball

Our Stand won an award, next year best Large stand

All round good dude Russ Holt turned up

Clint ate the biggest chile any of us have ever seen, he actually went into some kind of chile shock that ended with Clint not in the best state

A couple of good sydney dudes where down in canberra to help out, here is Chris with the mega phone announcing the B Movie Premier while Darren does what he does well, while Buller legend Joel and Troy relax

Mike loves snowboarding which is cool to see, here he is watching Jeremys part

All good trips have to come to an end thats why they are called trips, here is Rory enjoying the back seat of the car on the way home

Ski you later Canberra, maybe same time next year

Friday, October 9, 2009

Canberra the nations capital

Today We are off to Canberra for a snow trade show, hopefully I get time to go catch up with the Prime Minister :)
If not there's a tonne of good skate parks
Tomorrow TC has her big run, wish her luck

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High School Reunion, no not the movie !

This past weekend was my (SC) high school reunion, it was pretty nerve racking travelling back to Albury (3.5 hours away). How would people be, who would go etc. etc.

TC came as back up support which was awesome, before hand we caught up with long time friend Bree and her family, it was like yesterday and we talked for ages.

Bree and family, good little dude for sure. Bree after all the years looks the same and is an Awesome friend one that will be around no matter how often I see her.

Tc getting ready, SO stoked she came it made it way easier

Class of when ??? Man I am getting old

Everyone trying to get in shot, so many people I didnt get time to talk with, good memories for sure. Mooseis the guy in the blue striped shirt he saved me getting bashed so many times I owe him. He was skateboarder savior :)

On way home we dropped by old friend Cams house, I haven't seen him in over 6 years and after 5 mins it was like old times. He even got out his old photo album which had photos of us as kids skateboarding everywhere really cool a tonne of memories came flooding back. Cam hasn't had a board in years since he has been busy with his kids, I need to get him one.

TC, Charlene and Cam

I know you don't post photos of your self on blogs but this one is too cool to let go.
Cam and I :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

A quick little sydney trip

Last week, I(SC) flew up to sydney for a couple of quick meetings.
While I was there it was Coco's Bday which was awesome as we got to eat cake and take him to dinner

Here is Coco wondering how he is going to cut the cake so everyone in office gets a slice.

Dinner turned out awesome as old friend Ebonee who now lives in LA dropped by
She also loves cake, so of course she invited herself to come Eat coco's cake

Not a bad sydney journey at all