Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 6 Salt Lake Utah

So luckily since I'm hurt yesterday Chris and I had to go work out of the Burton Utah offices.
I would have been double bummed to miss this day riding cause of a stupid injury. These guys have done a great job and their showroom looks all time.

TJ is 100% great dude stoked to see you man, notice the falls creek shot in the background

Josh Fisher (another great person) and co worker whose name I forget sorry

After spending a 5 hours there Chris and I decided to go shop in an outdoor mall, pity it was dumping and I mean dumping.

Here is Chris, he is so smart he wore lowcut vans with holes in them today to keep his feet nice wet and cold, unfortuantely so did I, anyone say IDIOTS

Being the bright sparks we are, we thought we could get a taxi pretty easily, unfortunatly Utah doesnt have many taxis and where told that we would have to wait a minimum of 1 and a half hours. Train here we come and luckily we had a father in law to pick us up as Im still not walking to well due to this

At least I can feel my skin now, it has been numb since I did it.

This morning Im doing stretches and trying to get as well as I can to be able to go ride at Go Snowboarding Day tommorow
somehow i dont think Ill be chucking any methods.


miami metro said...

how big is the ramp INSIDE their office?
low cut vans in an outside snow covered mall...
way to rub it in.
this is my last christmas not in utah.
i hope you are ok to ride christmas morning

SC/TC said...

i rode yesterday but it was pretty sore going to hot tub this morning and chill so i can ride tommorow and i wouldnt miss riding xmas for anything thats for sure
hope it sunny and good for paddling