Thursday, December 25, 2008

Days 11 and 12, Merry Xmas everyone

Day 11 started out pretty rad up at brighton again, until I landed badly and hurt my bruise (fancy that) which is getting bigger by the day. Anyway I decided to hitch and as soon as I put my thumb out an old friend picked me up and drove me straight to the door of the inlaws. Yeah Chris Coulter.
After some icing and rest it was off to Ted and Jenns for Xmas eve party, the aussies came and we all had a ball.

Brendan, Max, Josh and TC

Max, Brendan, McDreamy and TC
Our new nephew MAX was entertaining everyone ! He is awesome.
Soccer mom got a surprise Escalade for Xmas.
Today was xmas day, presents where all time fun then it was up to brighton which had 7 inches over night and was getting dumped on out of control.
The drive was pretty hairy to say the least and there was only one chair open, which we rode like mad people !!!

Yay White Xmas Fresh Snow

Check the snow coming Down, Coco and I STOKED

Merry Xmas from TC, Soccer Doc(her DAD) and ME

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