Friday, May 30, 2008

The Week That Was

So Sc's Work Week started off at Buller and Ended in Torquay. Sounds a little like a Rip Curl Ad doesnt it From the mountains to the surf :):):)

Anyway after spending weekend at Falls monday was spent at Buller enjoying the mountain air training people on our rental product.
Tuesday I was back here (airport) flying up to sydney for some meetings etc. Even a little job review

Luckily our marketing dept partnered with Boost on a promotion and we all had free boost juices :)

Our Office in Sydney is pretty much in the heart of it as far as surf goes and here is the local beach located in Manly. Paul colby if your reading this I hope this makes you home sick (cause we miss you)

So friday night I had a little clinic going at a store in torquay to end the week, the clinic ended well (so i thought) until someone yelled "FIRE" and you wouldn't believe it but a fire started in the shop.
It was quickly put out but still freaked everyone out. Way to end the week.
On way home I checked out a little contest going on in the city at one of the snowboard shops in there.
Similar to the episode of "My name is Earl" where they held the contest to win a car by having the longest person holding the car win it, except this time it wasn't a car but snowboard and they where hung in the air. 30 people where going at it and im sure theres still people going today.
Check Blurry Photo below for the keen contest entrants

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday in the City

While Shane was away working at the resorts, I caught up with KT Moo and Jammo (AKA Stuart). The day started off with a ride on the Frankston train line (sketchy), where the guy sitting next to Moo decided he'd had a little too much to drink (before noon!) and lost it in his McDonald's milkshake cup. Yummy!

Once we got off the train in Melbourne, Katie and I decided to go shopping (imagine that), while Jammo went to "Game On" at Fed Square.

After a rough day of shopping, we all went to Docklands to the James Squire Pub for dinner . . .

TC and Moo and a little Golden Ale

Jammo with the deer-in-headlights look

Our view from Docklands . . . the Bolte Bridge

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Mack Dawg Teaser

Mack Dawg has been making movies now for 20 years, here's his latest teaser with the one and only JP Walker. Excited for sure.

I (SC) am back in Melbourne for a day and I have to say it is nice to be home.

In other news, here is a shot from Brenner's (Utah Legend) new house that he is building . . . how is that view
? Well done BA!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lack of Updates Sorry

Sorry for lack of updates but I (sc) have been stuck in resorts all week with no internet access
Here's a photo from our lunch break today

Ralph is here drinking water cause he took the wrong road last night and choose the route of staying out all night.
In background is johnny juric and his mate
Its too cold for me to skate ! Snow is on the way well here at falls it is.
And I'm missing tc badly

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Russian's Farewell

For those of you who haven't heard about my friend Eugenia . . . she's my Russian friend that I met at work about a year or so ago. Unfortunately, she's heading back to Russia and then she's off to the UK. She had farewell drinks in the city on Saturday night. It was heaps of fun (and I even got to buy a new dress for the occasion - surprise, surprise!). We will miss you Eugenia!

Eugenia, TC, and Lili

Rowena (who pulled the sneak-off after less than 10 minutes!) and TC

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Snow

So anyway it snowed a bunch more and I thought I put some photos up from

Falls Creek

Falls Creek Bench

Bourke Street Mt Buller

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Winter Home

Thanks to Lars We finally got word that we got our winter home at the base of Mt Buller.
It is the property we wanted and I thought Id Show you a shot of TC modelling in the window of the new place. I think she is getting ready for her shot for the "so you think you can dance" Resume :)

More Early Season Snow

Here is a Photo of Everyones Fave Run at Mt Buller Bourke Street or what is commonly referred to as "Berzerk Street" which I think was coined by our friend Jammo.
Anyway its 8 degrees outside our house and at Mt Buller its -1.5c.
Great News For All, Adelaide ended up pretty cool and mellow city and work has been so busy this week Ive slacked on the updates till now.
More to come this weekend thats for sure.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So Im(SC) In Adelaide to Do Burton Clinics with Shops, it is my first time here and I have to say this city ain't too bad.
Everything is super close and getting around doesn't seem to bad, I mean the city is only 15 mins from airport.

Speaking of 15 mins apperantly everything here is 15 mins from where ever you are.
Today I will Find out if this is true

Anyway here is a blurry shot out of the window of the motel for you to enjoy :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Utah Fun Stolen From Paul Colbys Blog

Heres A Little Movie That Our Good Friend Paul Colby Made, We Miss You Colby Dawg
Ive Got A Really Busy Week So These Posts Might Be All I Get To Put Up This Week.

Featured In The Movie Is A Bunch Of Utah Friends As Well As :
Wes, Solway, Roadtourer and Paul Colby.

Stand Up Grinds, Shopping And New Recipes !!!!

So Before We started to cook Dinner For The Family For Mothers Day, I got some skate time at our friends Breny and Vals house (which also has a basketball ring, tramp and a ping pong table). I think from now on Ill reference their house as "The House Of Fun".
The House Of Fun guarantees good times for All.

TC went shopping with Val, Is that a surprise ?

Breny Has His Ramp On Lockdown

Ralph RoadTourer Back Decker

And Dinner With The Family Went Amazing, TC made Spinach Dip (which was all time), I made mash and marinated steak and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Snow Season Housing Hunting

After Bailing Early last night and missing out on what seems to be the after party of the year. Lars, TC and I ventured early up to Sawmill Settlement at the base of Mount Buller to check out winter rental cabins for the upcoming snow season.
Thanks to Everyone who reminded us what we missed out on last night :):). I think this cabin will be worth it and if we do get it (touch wood) this will be an amazing snow season.

On the way we dropped into the normally sleepish town of Mansfield (30 mins from Mt Buller).
Mansfield was having a market/festival in the centre of town and let me tell you all, the town was bustling, we even knew a couple of people.

TC and her friend the Lamb

Lars And SC in the police heli, we had to kick that kid out so we could get a shot.

SC/TC killing it on the mobile squash court

Jumping For Joy Hoping That We Get Our New Place For The Snow Season

"Two Weeks In" Pop Premier Last Night

Last Night POP Magazine Premiered their new movie "Two Weeks In" at Gourlays Studio In Prahan
There was easily 300 to 400 people there and the movie should be available soon. I think first copies come with Australian
Snowboarding Magazine for Free.

Check POP MAG for more Details

Pretty much everyone of our Melbourne Friends Came and the movie went down amazingly yet again, well done To The "Fabulous Baker Boys".

Anyway I took this shot from my phone up in the projection area to show you how tech it all was and how good the screen looked.
Unfortunately My Black berry doesn't ta
ke amazing photos

This Is Ricks Computer and a Shot From Charles Beckinsdale's Section

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pink Jobs

Not to long ago some friends and I went out on the Great Barrier Reef (thanks Breny) on a four bedroom catamaran.

Anyway one of the first lessons we where taught before getting out on the water was that there where two kinds of jobs on the boat.
Blue jobs for the boys and Pink Jobs for the girls.

Blue jobs where steering the boat, fishing, mooring the boat, sailing the boat, cooking on the bbq (not in the kitchen) etc.

Heres a Shot of Breny and I performing a Blue job.

Pink jobs on the other hand where cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes, getting drinks, etc. etc pretty much anything in the kitchen.

Well here is Tara wishing she was back on the boat taking Pink jobs a little to far in her Team Pink Track Suit. :):)

TC is the Best

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Since when did Chris Boadle start Modelling for Bonds

Good People Good Times

Solway, Evan Drage and the one and only Brenner Adams

"Two Weeks In" Snowboard movie sneak premier

So Tonight At ACMI (australian centre of moving image
) some friends premiered their new snowboard movie to a small group of people.
Rick and Drew are pretty much amazing at everything they do whether it be methods, modeling, front boards, making mixt
apes for the wife, producing magazines (
OR in this case producing snowboard movies :)

The movie is called "Two Weeks In" and the publics premier is on friday night so you should all come along and check it out !!!

May 9th, Prahran, VIC. All ages. Supported by Trigger Brothers.
29-31 Macquarie Street, Prahran.
Doors Open @ 7:00pm

Im not going to give away too much, other than as usual the boys have excelled themselves yet again.

Until the Premiers heres some shots from tonight Enjoy

Ralph and Lars pre movie gaming

Dave and Filmer Woody

Dave and chunk

The Birthday Girl Anne Baker with Andy and marc

The Director Rick Baker

Monday, May 5, 2008

First Post

So after months of "should I, should I not, will anyone even read it ? if not who cares" Ive started our BLOG with motivation from our old friend Paul Colby

Paul is the guy about to enjoy a good day at Brighton Utah a couple of weeks ago in the yellow pants.

In photo above Ralph Rottura, Paul Colby and Darren Solway on right.

Anyway hopefully I make time to update this more often than not if not oh well no one is probably reading it anyway.

Today is a day with quite a few meetings and tonight i get to go to a sneak preview of the new pop movie "Two Weeks In"

Tomorrow I will hopefully post some photos from tonight !
so check back hopefully ill make this a little more interesting

later skaters