Monday, April 26, 2010

Dulcie Bell Sverdvik

While I was posting cute friends kids photo's, I couldn't forget our good friend Lars and Moniques little girl, Dulcie she is also super happy as you can see below.

Jack Cooper Matthews

Our friends Stuart and Katie recently had a little boy, hes a pretty happy dude !
Here is a shot of TC and him yesterday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help TC To Raise Money For Cancer Research !

TC is Running in the Mothers Day Classic to Raise money for Cancer Research, Please Support her and click on this link , BeCause CANCER SUCKS

Personal Statement

May 2010 will be my first time participating in the Mother's Day Classic. Like many of you, my friends and family have been greatly affected by breast cancer, which is why I've chosen to help raise money for this cause.

In dedication to my Great Aunt Jean, Nan, and our dear friend Krista . . . We love you heaps.

If you would like to sponsor me for the Mother's Day Classic, simply click on the "Sponsor Me" button below. Thanks for your support!


About this event

Mother's Day Classic - Melbourne

About the Mother's Day Classic

The Mother's Day Classic is one of Australia's largest charity events. The annual fun run and walk raises money for breast cancer research.

Individual fundraising is an excellent way to raise extra money for breast cancer research. Whether you are raising funds for your own walk or as part of a team, you are doing it to make a difference. And if you raise the highest funds in your state you can win a great prize - $1,000 in Qantas domestic flights!

In 2009, a record 80,000 people participated in a walk or run in different cities and regional centres across the country and raised $1.3 million for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer. Help set a new record in 2010 by supporting the Mother's Day Classic fundraisers.

In 2010, the Mother's Day Classic will be held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney CBD/ Parramatta. There are also many regional events across the country, plus local communities are encouraged to get involved by staging their own Mother's Day Classic event.

For more information about the Mother's Day Classic go to

Thankyou for your support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible.
Deductible Gift Recipient ABN 60 497 761 603

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birghton Park Pass Adventure

So A week or so ago as you can see in my previous posts I was lucky enough to get back to Brighton Resort in Salt Lake. My first day was spent shredding POW and on my second I had a chance to go check out Brighton's Jumps. I was super excited to check these out as it was a spring day and when I was there over xmas there was no jumps. You see Brighton has had some problems in the park as of late and hence they started what they call PEEPS.
See Below

Peeps is a program where you have to do a course online, pay $5 and get a park pass to ride the jumps in the park. SO off I went payed my cash did the course online and pretty much wasted over half an hour of my time.
So I get my pass and jump on chair to go ride park, alls good.
I finally get to park its getting late in day and I see it is all roped off, so I look for an entry gate and see its closed for the day, wow they could have told he you would think hey ?
Especially since the girl printing the passes know me quite well and knew I was only there for the day.
SO I jump the rope (as you would do also) and cruise down to the jumps only to be confronted by a bunch of gangster looking dudes. I then get a better look and realise the park is closed to film a bunch of skiers. Just my luck hey.
Anyway I did get this cool pass for the memory.

Anyway want to do the park pass quiz check out this link

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Second USA update

So finally I'm home back in OZ and have time to update the good ol blog.
Yep Ive been slack but here's a little photo update that I hope you all enjoy.
Remember to hit the button at bottom to leave feedback :) yep just like face book

These two are part of the "wooden robot" crew in utah that look after Burton, Forum, Gravis etc. Both 100 per cent awesome people that are always stoked and up for what ever.

Josh and I did some hiking while at Brighton, it was too good to film so I filmed Josh smashing a tree up top before we dropped in :) We hiked it a couple of times until the altitude really knocked this unfit guy round

At Brighton they have little museum of old snowboards along the wall. The Barfoot is a board that I actually rode on one of the second or third times I went snowboarding. We also used that Barfoot for sand boarding for years after that, yep sand boarding :)

While I was in Utah , Josh, Brenda and Max took me to in and out burger, yum yum yum !!!

Utah view at night

After Utah I travelled to Vermont...for a million meetings, here is a couple of shots of friends that made the trip fun and kept the meetings entertaining.

Phillipe from Europe admiring the old rack chandelier in the barn at Jake Burton's house.

Darren and Katie outside the barn, well it is a little more than a barn but its super cool that's for sure

Phillipe had a bunch of tricks on the tramp

Two of my fave people at Burton, Todd King and Craig Smith having a good time

On the way back from Jake's house I drove our Japanese friends back to town, Darren really likes Japanese lifestyle so much so he followed our friends below and slept the whole way home

Kaz can sleep anywhere and I mean anywhere

TJ knows when your taking his photo even when he is asleep

In the qantas international terminal there is a cool place called tony someones bonfire grill check the mean we got there :)

Second time Ive had these Tacos, they really are almost perfect

Jake is everywhere even at JFK

So glad to be home, 30 something hours to get home was no fun that's for sure

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy aussie Bday B ADAMS

I'm pretty sure today is Mr Brenner Adams' Birthday, here in oz tomorrow in the good ol USA (as brenner lives in sunny Utah as seen in shot below)
If you dont know brenner your missing out, 100% great dude, even if he sold those bindings back in the day that no one except me ever came out of.
I know today he was up riding Brighton with his rocker son which is all time. I so wish I was there for but know Buddy I was there in spirit.

Happy Bday Mate

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its Good To be Back

So Im back in the USA for a meeting over in Vermont, on the way though I stopped in UTah as they just got 7 feet in 7 days. I'm for sure extra lucky, its also helps having your in laws here :)
Heres a couple of shots from the trip so far

I finally got to catch the airbus over , super big double story I so wish i could have upgraded.

When you leave the airport and see the mtns you are always so stoked

On way back from Airport we checked out brother in law Joshs new ride, someone say awesome !!

Thursday morning off to brighton, not to bad of a day hey

Good friend Brenner came up as did Josh, we couldn't talk him into driving the new car up though

One of our riding buddies Evan getting ready to shred, last time I rode with him he was small now he is tall and has a mustache :) but still rips

Utah is great, Brighton is without doubt one of the best resort I have ever ridden it never lets you down thats for sure. Ive got some video footage coming as well as more shots from yesterdays hike and shred.
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Kidding Right

Tomorrow luckily enough Im flying to Utah on the way to Vermont for a meeting.
Anyway they just got dumped on and it is supposed to not stop.
Lets hope it keeps going until I get there, just wish the wife and everyone else was coming too.

Anyone in Utah that wants to shred see you at Brighton on thursday, friday and maybe even saturday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Weekend's Sydney Trip for Good Friend Paul and Kate's B-day Celebrations

Last weekend we traveled up to Sydney, which was perfect. TC got to tan on the beach and I got to work out of the Sydney office.
On Saturday though, the real reason we made the trip up was on... Paul and Kate's B-day celebrations. Paul turned 30 and it was an awesome time!
Even if it took us way too long to get there as I sent us to the wrong venue. This is what TC would call a "Roberts Shortcut."
Anyways, here is a little photo recap on the night

TC ready to party at our hotel

Ralph, Kat and Tara on the way to pre-party dinner

Thanks to Coco we stoked Colby out with a Raymond Pettibon signed poster

B-day girl Kate, Lauren and Coco

For the b-day card we got Colby an old Uninc Snowboard for everyone to sign. Here's morri getting to work

Paul's Sister Claire and TC

Lauren and Coco again were really stoked to be there and were running amuck, although this shot looks like they were pretty chilled

Old snowboard shred dawgs where out in force - here's Freddie and Chriso having a ball

Ralphy knows how to party and here he is holding the card for everyone to see

Coco doesn't mind getting background props in any photos, but the star in this photo is Katrina. After partying a little too much, she showed us how tall Kat really is . . .

Sydney was awesome and thanks to Paul and Kate for having us up there.

Easter Wedding blog to come in the next day or so
STAY TUNED you'll be stoked.