Sunday, October 24, 2010

Action Packed Sunday

So our friend Joel needed a lift back to Buller after the bucks yesterday. I thought why not (do good get good) and got up nice and early and drive him back up the hill (3.5 hours). It was a cool drive and I figured there would be some snow so why not go for a little hike.

Here is Joel with his broken femur, next summer Joel's hiking the patch with me :)

I know I shouldnt post a shot of my self but I was so stoked to get some little hiking on I had to post this shot (thanks joel for the photo)

After dropping Joel off, it was straight to the Wilson house hold for one ripping skate in the sun. That three and half hour drive never took so long ever. AL recently purchased our friend Brendan's ramp and added an extension and sorted the coping out perfectly. So stoked to skate this perfect back yard ramp, thanks again.

The kids where also ripping and here is Unkle Ralph and Z man starting them young.

Al ripping up the back yard paradise. Front rock extension

We then visited our nephews which where amazingly cute, all in all one epic Sunday thanks to everyone involved.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Horse Racing ?

So our friend's Bridget and Marcus are getting married soon and this weekend was their Buck/Hens weekend. For the bucks they started the day with horse racing out in Yarra Glen which for those not from Oz is on the way to our local hill Mt Buller a little over an hour away from where we live. I drove so I would'nt hit to party trail and end up in the city partying all night with everyone (which would be fun don't get my wrong).
Anyway I got into the swing and things and started to actually enjoy it and was betting with the best of them. I was pretty much even when our friend Joel from Buller said lets pool our cash and bet on for the win just so I could say to the way indimadating booky "$40 on the nose" on a horse we liked the name of "Bowlabouncer".

Since Id just won i betted on a couple more random ones also.

SO we forgot to watch the race and continued on chilling when Marcus comes up stoked telling us the horse he just backed won he thought , what horse we said and he goes "The bouncer one"
"No way" we said, 2nd and 3rd where also my horses so we cleaned up.

I stopped after that $140 in front stoked, it could get additive so thats my one gambling day for this year I think.
Thanks for the invite Marcus good luck tonight, think Im glad I got out of there :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thought This Was quite Funny

Next to our booth at the Canberra Trade Show this week, was this booth.
They also had a tshirt that they said was popular with snowboarders that said
"Poles are for dancers", Im really getting on as Im not sure youll see me rocking a Tshirt that said that.

Danny Blank your the best

How good is it when you visit a friend who luckily is an amazing tattooist who wants to stay back after work and tattoo you even though he's tattooed all day
Danny you rule, to see more of his work check here thanks again mate.

Sorry about the white leg and crappy i phone shot :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Canberra Trip !!

This week was spent in australia's capital for our annual Snow trade show.

Here is chris and darren setting up the stand

Lachy from falls came to help also !

Linc from Sydney obviously has neater handwriting than I, he was allowed to write on the wall

Tuesday night was skate night, and we ventured out to some new park, check this 1/4

My fave section, pool coping and a wall ride

There was so much stuff going on, you need to spend a week here

Al Wilson bought IGDD to canberra

Ralph Rottura showed this gap who was boss

Canberra was full of good times but As always its good to be home

TC is a Running Machine

She even practises inside the house.
Congrats on your second half marathon !!


Breny had his last day at work last week, he is moving on to be a landscape gardener. We bought him his fave drink as a going away present JD ,he was over the moon,
The bottle shop even gave us a free JD toiletry case gift with purchase.
The office isn't the same that's for sure and we already miss him but I'm sure all our gardens are going to be looking better because of it.

Anyone looking for a job ? check it out here

Miss you man

Monday, October 4, 2010

Delayed Sydney Trip Update !!

A little over a week ago, Tara and I ventured up to Sydney as I had a meeting to go to and their was a movie premier ! But more importantly long time champion Chris KBoadle Turned 30 and we had to celebrate with him
Anyway here's a couple of shots from the weekend

There was a standard movie premier on organised by no other than Paul Colby on the right !

Who would have thought Tara would win a prize through some ticket draw here she is with Jimmy from DC

Pretty much everyone I know in Sydney was there, from the left Nick G, Selway and Trines

All round good dude Alex Hawkins was up there since DC payed for the premier, that's Nick texting someone that Gaslight where playing a side show here in march, never seen someone so stoked to hear about a show, glad we got tickets already.

Selway loves anything free, he doesn't mind a party either

Kate (who looked after us in Sydney) and Lisa Sulways Future wife

Lauren knows how to organize a good party that's for sure, here she is with her birthday boy

Growing up we would always call Chris's brother Marcus Blinky as he always blinked quite a bit. Little did we know we might have to start calling Tara blinky even Chris is blinking, man I don't think we can ever call Marcus blinky again after this shot

You know what Sydney ain't so bad, but it is a long way from the snow so i don't think we will ever be spending more than a week or so up there, Sorry Team :):)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heath Kirchart in Stay Gold

Well the new emerica skate vid is out and in the bonus Heath Kirchart has I guess what is his final part to a joy division song, since he just retired. I will miss his skateboarding and music choices thats for sure.

Here is his part from Sight Unseen back in 2001