Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty stoked to have melbournes best mexi want to be my friend

I know nbd but I'm still stoked
Can't wait to get back there, thanks Toby pola

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Our friend Chunk

Our Friend Chris Jepson Has been a ripping snowboarder, a model, a watch rep, a ripping dancer, a tireless snowboard salesman and now he has turned his skills to acting.
Im not the biggest rap fan but this is awesome and cant wait to see what chunk gets up to next

The Battle At Baw Baw

Last weekend, our sister company held its annual rail contest at local hill Mt Baw Baw.
For anyone that hasn't been there, Baw Baw is a little smaller fun resort with no chair lifts.
They have cool parks and nice people. They just need some new chefs or places to eat cause it drives me insane :) waiting for food that isn't that amazing sucks.

The contest went epic. Sun, good people and a BBQ. Judging was a little harder than the last couple of contests I have helped out on and luckily enough one of our Burton riders, Decampo, ripped super hard and won.

Chunk came up and kept the crowd entertained . . . we were lucky enough to have him as he has been super busy lately acting, but more of that soon

Free hot dogs were epic. Thanks Forum!

Ralph was the main man and killed it

Linc had a break from the yellow bird and ripped around for the day

This dude has been around for years and is 100% good dude. Shame I don't know his name, but look at his t-shirt. My friend Danny owns that company - so stoked to see the t-shirt still around

Such a cool tree, fun little hit at bottom too

Colby Dawg came down from Ksydney to bring the fun

Our new friend Mia made this clip, such a good job. She's from Salt lake too also so we like her double

Little Mountain, BIG Battle: Forum's Battle at Baw Baw from Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good times at mount buller

For the last four days I have been up at buller with Paul c and the rest of our crew from work installing a snowboard rail feature, running a demo day and organizing a contest.
It was some pretty cool times and here is a couple of shots from my phone so you can all see what's been up

Perfect day

Good sunset

Even better sunset shot

Our good friend coconut boadle was missing but he was there in spirit

Some dudes match their outerwear to their board and bindings to funny

Here is the set up for the comp and our 14 year old friend cam who ruled In the contest

Sel and her late nite snack

Metro loves hot dogs also not sure what he is adding but it didnt look good

Gracias amigos for some good times

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Location:Mt buller

Friday, July 15, 2011

Burton cattlemens rail

After years of planning and talking about it
Finally we pulled it off
I even got to use a blowtorch today ( I know sketchy me and tools ) but here it is in it's glory

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unreal end to a great day

Today we had a big burton work demo day up at falls !! It was a busy as I thought it could be !!
Thanks to this team for working their but off !!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty stoked

So while at the snow last week tc sent me a foto of a snow window display at the local salvo/op (Deseret industries) store. At the bottom of the display was this board from the 90s which has Thomas Campbell artwork on it.
It just so happens Ralph and Kay moved into the area of the store and kat heard me mention it and went and bought it for me as a surprise which is so freaking amazing
Ralph keep a hold of that one she's awesome

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Friday, July 1, 2011

So long to some good times

Amazing fun

Not fun at all

And really sad

Thanks for the good times office ramp

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