Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The only thing that sucks in NZ

Is the internet, no matter how hard we tryed whether it be usb modems or paying for wireless networks we could never get it working well.
So Im going to post a couple of shots every other day
Starting with the last day at snowpark, one of my fave days shredding ever.
Snow park is in my top three snow resorts easily.

Anyway I know its lame to post shots of your self on blogs but this shot rules and shows the cloud we broke through on the way up.

And yep here is snow park, what you cant see on boarders left is all the boxes, rails and mini jumps Freaking epic ! So, so wanna be back there ASAP

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Zealand "Choice eh bro"

So today we left for NZ and two and a bit hours later we are here.
Along for the ride is Chris and two of our dealers Jenn and Ed who won a trip with us to watch the open and shred.

Hows the view on the flight in, they have a bunch of snow

Queenstown airport, jenn and chris

Wanaka cafe life

And look who we ran into Robbie and his new addition to the world

Hopefully I can keep the updates up !! if not sorry :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jack Cooper Matthews Turns ONE !

Our good friends Katie and Stuart's little boy had his first bday, Im not sure he will remember it but they went all out with jumping Castles, tonnes of food and drinks and A bunch of people of course I had no idea who they where.
Here's some shots of the day

The happy mom and Jack

Tara was in charge of filming

More Jack and Katie

Tara spent the night before making these cookies, I was super proud of her and she was stoked
They where good

This is how good they where :) macca eating away

The cook couldnt stay away

The grand dad loved them, John is cool for sure

Same here with the grand mother, Gail

Tara even had the kids munching away

Bondy ate the so quick I almost missed the shot

Jaqui said they where as good as subway, not sure if that is a compliment but I love subway so lets take it as a compliment

Macca snuck some for later as he left

Thanks for the invite Katie and Stuart and HAPPY BDAY JACK

Falls Creek Trip

So we had our annual product launch up at falls last week, we where up there for over a week and it pretty much snowed non stop.
I didn't have to much free time but i did manage to take a couple of iphone shots

Heres the balcony after the first dump

Here is the balcony after the snow came off roof

Another shot with the crew digging the balcony clear

Troy from buller made the three hour trek across

SO someone decided it would be a good idea for old times sake to throw chris and I's shoes in the fire

The aftermath

Yep we had to dig the car out, Falls Creek rulz