Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Friends Ripping On The Practice Day Boost Sno Sho

So on friday We where going up the chair lift next to the park and We can see Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass standing on the runway for the jump. Then we see our friend Rick Baker drop in and throw one of the biggest and smoothest methods Ive seen in years over the jump. Turns out Rick just filmed an interview with Danny and then The TV crew needed to film Danny on the jump, noone had hit the jump yet and Danny wouldnt go until someone else had. So Rick put down his camera strapped in on a broken board and stomped this Method you see below in the frame grab from Channel Nine News.
Seriously all time.

Filmer, Model, Magazine Publisher and thrower of mega methods.. Rick Baker

The only thing I filmed all weekend was a practice jump from Mr Robbie Walker, Robbie rips

Boost Sno Sho Weekend

Last weekend was the Annual Boost Mobile Phone Sno Sho, which is a snowboard comp up in Perisher (8 hour drive, or 40 min flight and three hour drive) away.
I had to marshall the contest so there is no snowboard shots, but our good friend Mark Sollors won the event and 20 grand for his troubles.

Rick and I flew into canberra to get picked up, our lift was three hours (yep three hours) late, which was weird since it was only two hour drive from the start of their trip. So we went and visited a store in canberra which was on way to Perisher.

Here is Rick and shop worker Shona, chilling while we wait for our ride

When we got there, the resterant was closed so they got RIck, Coco and Event organiser Tory to cook our own dinners

Thommo and Johnny are both good dudes so heres a shot of them chilling at dinner

Crew watching snowboard movies while it hailed out side

Here is a movie from you tube to show you what happened at the contest

On the way home Darren thought he would design a new pair of Anon sunnies for the moto market, Mark wasn't feeling them for some reason

Here is Marco (grey hood centre, good person for sure) telling everyone stories about his adventures the night before down in Jindy (small snow town on way home).

Great weekend shame about working in the rain, hail, snow again.
click here for more photos

Monday, August 24, 2009

Magic Dirt Bass Player Dies

Although I never really liked the band Magic Dirt, as a kid Dean Turner the bass player really spent a bunch of time helping me skate the big old vert ramp down in Torquay as well as showing me some street spots and letting me get some runs on the super busy lip ramp out front of Rip Curl. He skated pretty rad at the time and really was a cool approachable guy. When I read this in the news I really wished I went and watched his band and was sad I never thanked him for looking out for me when I was younger. I hope that his family and friends are all ok.

Dean is on the right.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

NZ open highlights

Man I wish I was at Open yesterday although Buller was so so much fun

thanks again TEAM

Back to Mt Buller

After being away for work for the last few weekends it was good to be back at Buller with friends with no work at all to be done.
The sun was out and it was such a good day that I didnt get the camera out all day while riding.
There was a hip that everyone had a ball on and I wish all days riding could be like this one

Anna Kim ( who i didn't even know snowboarded, who had a ball and I hope comes riding again) TC and metro

On way home we went kangaroo watching !! Anna and TC

T-Roy made a new friend and gave Anna some riding lessons, notice the hand on right :)

All was going great for T-ROy until he lent into Anna a little close and fell off the Chair onto the ground, in front of a full restaurant.
Way to make a move hey at least he announced after "and i was going for a hell cheesy move and all"
Notice the smiles on TC and Anna, T-ROY you are a king :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Parcel to Get In The Mail

Look what I just got in the mail !!!
So Stoked
A 7 inch and Signed Coloured Vinyl Record and a CD is there another format I need ?
Oh yeah I already got it on Mp3

Monday, August 10, 2009

Two weeks in one update !!!

So I have now managed to keep my newest g9 camera for over three months and it is going strong and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words heres whats been up as of late

We helped out with a big Contest built for TV for MTV up at falls

Mark Sollars flew over to Australia to chill and enter the contest for us, 100% good person welcome in OZ anytime.

We then had what we call Burton Product launch where we take all our dealers to the snow and show them product and have them ride all the new stuff

Jonny and Joel from Triggers came up to Falls to hang with us and try some new Boards super fun dudes to ride with for sure

Lachy helped us out so much while in Falls, I think we owe him now forever

Friday night Ralph and TARA came up to chill at falls, which was awesome since Id been away for nearly two weeks

Jimi another falls legend that is always down to help here chilling with TC (thanks again jimi, we also owe you a tonne)

Beth (ralphs new squeeze) Ralph and TC

AS above posing out in the snow at Falls Creek

Our friend Katey and her boy Jammo had a baby boy on saturday welcome to the world Jack Cooper

Too cute :)

Hopefully Im home for a bit and keep this updated :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nacho POP

Sorry yet again for lack of posts, ive been stuck up at Falls Creek Working my ass off.
but on my first day up here last week I got to Meet taras fave star from the TV show "So you think you can dance" He needed a coat and some snowboarding lessons and of course i always need some dance lessons, it was a good match up thats for sure.
The snow lessons never happened and of course next time you see me dance youll notice that dance lessons didnt happen either.
Either way the guys was pretty cool thats for sure.