Thursday, January 1, 2009

Days 17 and 18 the end is near

Day 17 was a right off, I had a conference call with HQ that didnt really happen so I ended working all day. That night was a little dinner at Mings (tara's brother joshs) which was awesome. Not to much else to report !
I did spot this shot on a friends blog that really had me laughing, I know I have some crappy old hardcore tattoo's but this is really taking it to the next level.

Day 17/Tuesday was also New Years Eve in Australia a bunch of our friends had a skate mexican food party that Looked like it was a ball, Wish we where there for sure. Someone send photos.
Day 18 started as always up at Brighton with Mitch, my bruise is still really sore so I kept it mellow, our friend Mitch on the other hand has been riding pretty much every day straight for a month. Talk about on fire

Mitch pressing Brighton Rail

Josh Fisher met up with us and we headed into Milly Chutes which is a backcountry area in bounds at brighton if that makes sense, my hip was a little sore so I didnt chill in there to long.

Heres Josh ripping.

Good friend Dan was in town from California, for those wanting to check out new 2010 product Dan has a new board company that is super sneak peak in this photo.
New years eve was spent at Ted(TCs brother) and Jenns who have the house with everything, one room for Wii one room for Rockband foosball whatever you could want to play, All Time fun.

NYE Rockband antics

NYE Ted playing shaun white snowboarding on Nintendo

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