Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend At Baw Baw Update !!!!

This weekend the Annual "Battle At Baw Baw" snowboard contest was on.
It was an epic weekend, we had great weather, great people and a very accommodating resort.
Here is a little photo update for everyone that didn't make it up

This was taken on the road on the way up, cool lighting I thought

Chris and Colby made the trek down from Sydney, here they are with Ralph unpacking the cars.

The sydney siders room set up.

View from the above room

WE where above the clouds for most of the weekend, much better weather than any other weekend snowboarding this season

Gavin from Cactus Black is always up for having a good time, here he is in front of his store

On the first night we visited the newly built Baw Baw hot tub, unfortunately it was not a hot tub time machine

Ralph need a say more

Crew in the hot tub

Colby and Coco on way back from the tub, Coco forgot a towel and used his tshirt to dry off

Big day for ralphy

Sorry about lighting, but Team dinner after contest

You know i wish I was some art guy, here is TC and Coco (yep he is having a quick power nap)

Night was getting a little crazy

Shirts off, minutes later security got them to stop before It got out of hand

End of day chill

Yep the fog came in as we left and a heli hovered in the car park.

I had to judge the contest so i couldn't take any riding shots so here is a little edit some of our friends made of the weekend

2010 FORUM BATTLE AT BAW BAW from Third Chapter on Vimeo.

All time weekend thanks to everyone at Baw Baw and all our friends that made the effort to come up

News Reporter flattens little kid skating !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Records Are Awesome

A friend put my onto Walter from Gorilla Biscuits new record, it just arrived in the mail.
Really pumped on this

Here's a track from the record which is a cover of one of the greatest NY bands today

Good Times In Sydney

This week, I spent a bit of Time up in sydney again. This trip although filled with work meetings was awesome as my two good buddies Coco and Colby took me to dinner, so I didnt eat at some lame place on my own. What made it better was a pretty legit new mexi place opened in manly, go check it out

2 good sydney doods

Anyone that lives in Aust knows good mexi is not that easy to find.

Colby and his single speed, if only he lived close we could be bike buddies

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SO who has been driving my Car,

Check the max speed someone got my truck up too, 939 km an hour
Wow I might ring Ford I think that could be a new record, I know sometimes I speed but going this fast is mental :)

Jordan Mendenhall Day in the Life

Watch this, kinda like our days when we are on holidays in utah except jordan rips and I dont
And oh yeah I dont play guitar or have to check out any footage :)
So quite a bit different hehehehehe

But I love lonestar too :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010