Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 7 and Day 8 which was "GO SNOWBOARDING DAY"

Day 7 started out with some more snow shoveling, this time though due to the stomach injury I had to sit inside and watch, maybe the only good thing out of this injury.

Tc and her mom got out there and did all the hard work while I watched :)

Heres TC and Her Mom getting ready for the wedding reception ice cream bar.

Then it was off to a wedding lunch, wedding ice cream bar reception and then straight to Cafe Rio again to eat Mexican and meet new comers to our trip Paul (something in the woods) Colby and Kate Hamburger.

Here's our new friends Coco and TC eating up a storm at Cafe Rio

Day 8 is "World GO Snowboarding Day" and it was a pretty warm day up the hill. It was also Paul and Kates first day up at Brighton this year and they where pumped. All I could do was cruise around taking shots I'm so sore I can hardly do up my bindings.

Here is Paul Colby sliding a box

TC was ripping !!!!

Its good to have Chris back in Salt Lake we are missing our other aussie crew though. Although he Found this cigarette on the ground and could end up really sick

Good Crew ! Miss you Ralphy and Metro

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