Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Days 15 and 16 Go Jazz Go

Day 15 was a family day at Park City, TCs Brother Ted and son Trevin as well as TCs Unkle Wyman came along. It was the first sunny day We have had pretty much since we have been here. It was nice and warm and the snow was pretty soft, it was the first no powder day Ive had since pretty much since We have been here.
It was still fun though, the park looked great but since Im still black and blue no jumping for me.

Heres TC, Ted, Trevin and Wyman (thanks for tickets)

Good Times For Sure

Park City is a lot bigger than I ever thought !!! You could easily get lost back there

Day 16 I was off to brighton again, Good old mitch picked me up which was rad and along for ride was old friend Domo who was in town for a couple of days which made for a great day.
We rode some runs just off Great Western that I have never been to and although it was a leg burning traverse out it was still all time, and yes there was tonnes of fresh turns

Here's Mitch, Matt and I chilling in the woods, thanks Domo for the shot

That night somehow through a crazy story, we ended up getting 4th row free tickets to the JAZZ check the Price mental, seeing the game so close was so cool you could hear everything, the only catch was we where not allowed to talk to the guy in front of us, since he was the president of something and doesnt like to be bothered in the game. This was pretty hard for me for sure.

$$$$$ Blinging for Sure

You could almost touch the players :)

Yay TC

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Days 13 and 14 this is getting repetitive

So boxing day arrived and we decided to go ride instead of visiting the sales. We couldn't ride too long as we had to get Chris coco Boadle off to the airport, and after 21 inches of snow in the last 24 hours we were unsure on where would be best to ride.

After seeing this we knew we had made right decision on where to ride !

Crew riding Evergreen Boadle, Mitch and friends

Boadle method, Sorry, my camera is currently busted so photos are not the best.
We then said bye to Chris who is off to Miami and went and watched the Utah Jazz beat Dallas :) Good times!

Day 14 was Paul and Kate Colbys last day in Salt Lake, so off to Brighton we went again. Luckily, Crest lift has been closed for the last four days due to mechanical drama and opened first thing this morning. Riding was pretty good that's for sure. I'm starting to feel a little better, but my back stomach and side are still blood red.

Here is Paul pretty happy, he's no glass half empty guy for sure !!!

Butter Off !!! TC, Kate and Paul

Mt Millicent is pretty amazing

We then headed down to Lonestar cantina for a mexican feast before seeing The Colbys off

After that it was movies and general Salt Lake chilling, Tomorrow we might even go to a different resort but I'm not sure as yet ! It is supposedly going to be sunny somehow I don't believe it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Soccer Moms New Whip

This is my mother in laws new xmas present !!

Days 11 and 12, Merry Xmas everyone

Day 11 started out pretty rad up at brighton again, until I landed badly and hurt my bruise (fancy that) which is getting bigger by the day. Anyway I decided to hitch and as soon as I put my thumb out an old friend picked me up and drove me straight to the door of the inlaws. Yeah Chris Coulter.
After some icing and rest it was off to Ted and Jenns for Xmas eve party, the aussies came and we all had a ball.

Brendan, Max, Josh and TC

Max, Brendan, McDreamy and TC
Our new nephew MAX was entertaining everyone ! He is awesome.
Soccer mom got a surprise Escalade for Xmas.
Today was xmas day, presents where all time fun then it was up to brighton which had 7 inches over night and was getting dumped on out of control.
The drive was pretty hairy to say the least and there was only one chair open, which we rode like mad people !!!

Yay White Xmas Fresh Snow

Check the snow coming Down, Coco and I STOKED

Merry Xmas from TC, Soccer Doc(her DAD) and ME

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Days 9 and 10

So yesterday I chilled and tryed to get that bruise better, to no real avail. I helped the brother in law pick up his new BBQ at home depot. Then at night went downtown to shop at Fice ate some Pizza then

We all then went and ate best ice cream around, heres TC and Kate

Coco and Colby Stoked

Today was another story, I sucked it up and got up nice and early since it snowed 21 inches in the last 24 hours and it was still dumping downtown. Up to brighton we went, and took a bunch of laps through the trees, little pillow lines and into little tight trails with a super cool crew consisting of all the aussies plus Brenner Adams and his friends.

TC coming out of the trees

Paul Colby Ripping

TC and Brenner made sure they matched jackets today

After about 5 laps we decided to go wait for Millicent Lift to open, as today it was supposed to open at 12 oclock for the first time this year.

We all waited and waited ate some burgers and lined up for what seemed like days.
Brenner bought the head lifty a hot chocolate and he said he would give us the heads up 5 mins before it opened, somehow he quickly forgot that comment and told everyone.

Heres Mitch and Tara waiting

It was like a stampede and guess what for the second year in a row i was on first chair, and you wouldn't believe it but on the same chair was a girl that was on first chair with me last year CRAZY. Everyone had a ball, it did hurt quite a bit but It was worth it for sure and hopefully it doe'snt make that stupid bruise any worse :)

Coco smiling, Team Food we missed you all today but we all know there will be plenty more great days soon


I dont think I need to say anything more

And yes there is more bruising in front !!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 7 and Day 8 which was "GO SNOWBOARDING DAY"

Day 7 started out with some more snow shoveling, this time though due to the stomach injury I had to sit inside and watch, maybe the only good thing out of this injury.

Tc and her mom got out there and did all the hard work while I watched :)

Heres TC and Her Mom getting ready for the wedding reception ice cream bar.

Then it was off to a wedding lunch, wedding ice cream bar reception and then straight to Cafe Rio again to eat Mexican and meet new comers to our trip Paul (something in the woods) Colby and Kate Hamburger.

Here's our new friends Coco and TC eating up a storm at Cafe Rio

Day 8 is "World GO Snowboarding Day" and it was a pretty warm day up the hill. It was also Paul and Kates first day up at Brighton this year and they where pumped. All I could do was cruise around taking shots I'm so sore I can hardly do up my bindings.

Here is Paul Colby sliding a box

TC was ripping !!!!

Its good to have Chris back in Salt Lake we are missing our other aussie crew though. Although he Found this cigarette on the ground and could end up really sick

Good Crew ! Miss you Ralphy and Metro

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 6 Salt Lake Utah

So luckily since I'm hurt yesterday Chris and I had to go work out of the Burton Utah offices.
I would have been double bummed to miss this day riding cause of a stupid injury. These guys have done a great job and their showroom looks all time.

TJ is 100% great dude stoked to see you man, notice the falls creek shot in the background

Josh Fisher (another great person) and co worker whose name I forget sorry

After spending a 5 hours there Chris and I decided to go shop in an outdoor mall, pity it was dumping and I mean dumping.

Here is Chris, he is so smart he wore lowcut vans with holes in them today to keep his feet nice wet and cold, unfortuantely so did I, anyone say IDIOTS

Being the bright sparks we are, we thought we could get a taxi pretty easily, unfortunatly Utah doesnt have many taxis and where told that we would have to wait a minimum of 1 and a half hours. Train here we come and luckily we had a father in law to pick us up as Im still not walking to well due to this

At least I can feel my skin now, it has been numb since I did it.

This morning Im doing stretches and trying to get as well as I can to be able to go ride at Go Snowboarding Day tommorow
somehow i dont think Ill be chucking any methods.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Days 4 and 5

So I couldn't keep it up and last night slacked on updating the blog.
So here is a two day update !
Yesterday started with a day riding at Brighton with TC and Old Friend (nearly 20 years now) Brenner Adams up at Brighton. It was sunny and there was tonnes of fresh still to be had. It was TC's first day and she was stoked. IF you bought a bag of food to give to the homeless you got a lift ticket for $15. What deal Brenner and TC where stoked, i bought a bag even though I have a pass.

Here we are in front of the pile fo food for charity.

Mt Millicent is such a good site

Yeah TC

We then burned down the hill and picked up Chris Coco Boadle, of course he was late but it wasn't really his fault.

After that we had Dinner with Brenner and his family in their new house, which I must say is awesome.

Today we woke up to another 3 inches of fresh in our front yard, and after a pretty sketchy drive up the hill we got to brighton where it snowed maybe 6 inches and was dumping all day.
We met up with a bunch of crew and had a ball until we decided to drop into a freshly opened bowl. Which ended up with myself SC catching a rock underneath and landing on it on my back. Off to the doctors and looks like Im out for a while with some heavy bruising and hopefully no internal damage but we will have to wait for the tests to come back for that.

Heres Chris getting pitted right before I collided with a rock.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 3, lets see if I can keep this up :)

So it snowed quite a bit today.
It was pretty good :):)

Here's the snow report for today !

Here's the forecast also for the next couple of days

Here's what TC and her friend Shannon got up to today

Worked Out

Collected her Cheque the US government sent, some kind of "ecomony boost" $300 for nothing. Especially cool since She doesn't even live in the US. Look at that smile you know accountants love cash.

Ate Bagels

And then We shoveled the snow off the drive, then I helped an old lady with her drive which nearly killed me (Ralphy i know i have weak arms aka linguini arms).

Stoked i was thinking done now I can rest! HOW wrong was I when a little guy from across the road came over and asked whether we could help him so off we went only to find out he was getting paid $20 to do it and we did it all, he did offer us a reward which we declined politely. This guy knows how to use resources, I think I could learn something from him for sure.

Tomorrow is TC first day at Brighton an old friend Brenner Adams is coming and at three o'clock we pick up COCO Boadle.