Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yet again more powder specialist lift jumping

Not too much happened today, other than me trying to ride in the howling wind and blizzard like conditions. Ralph was hungover chilling on the couch so i could not take any snowboard shots so i figured id post this alternate angle of T-roys lift drop from the other day. Thanks Dave for loaning me your camera even though we just met.

Its dumping here right now so hopefully tomorow our last day where we get one hour of riding before we have to fly out, is more eventful than my riding on my own today.
I do have some shots ill post when im home of the snow falling.

Anyway till then enjoy the following movie

Im going to miss you T-ROY

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Lee Ponzio said...

Going to Niseko is like, so cliched. I don't know why anybody bothers anymore.

You scored the night riding though, so you know why (^_-)