Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our New Winter Home, The Bat House

Every year our friends all put in and get a place at the bottom of Buller for the season. Every year it is a drama to get something, this year we where organised got up there early and locked this in
check it out, it is going to be a good winter....for those that have been reading previous posts it is known as the bat house.

Heres the blurb from real estate dot com
Absolutely beautiful double storey home set in quiet and peaceful surroundings. With large lounge, spacious kitchen, 2 bathrooms, wood heating and wide verandahs this property is sure to please. No pets allowed(other than bats of course). Property leased for the Winter season but your enquiry for a long term lease from October '09 is welcome."

Hows the serenity

Nice Carpet for sleeping on

Ralph has really gone batty over this one

Looking at home already Rory, Rory has some experience in small hot tubs up in this area.
Next time you see him make sure to ask him :)