Sunday, March 8, 2009

Japan !!!! Day one and Two

SO Saturday we (Ralph and I) left melbourne super early for japan. Bed was looking welcoming thats for sure :) But i did it got up and got on the plane

Heres Ralph studying some japanese while waiting for our first of four planes and his friends in the background praticing the japanese trick of falling asleep wherever and whenever you WANT

Heres our flight path...

Tokyo ????

We just made this connection

Someone had a headache !

It was dumping in Sapporo when we arrived

We arrived an hour late luckily there was a welcoming crew that where also an hour late too. Good Timing Joel and Troy

Chewy, Ralphy, ME and T-Roy all getting ready for riding !!

First Chair of trip no fresh snow as yet but ill take a sunny day anytime , Ralphy and Joel

Lunch what else but pizza

Troy and Me, sc (Tc is going to update blog soon i promise)

Ralphy and Chewy struggling to get up off the mini chair

Pretty Neat View

Falls Creek legend Lachy always stoked, thanks for tickets :)

Joel ending day one with a mini shred at their place where we are staying

Tonght Ralph and I think we might try night boarding :)

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