Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 7 update

So Last night after riding powder all day, we traveled into Kutchan to have hamburgers at the famed pelican burger.

Best hamburger spot Ive been to out of the USA, yes we are eating burgers in japan. Hey why not.

On the way we stopped at 7/11 to get some cash. Ralph has a cold and keeps buying/drinking this medicine that reads Vitamin C, he isnt getting any better im not that sure it is even medicine

Im not sure what any of this in the 7/11 is and No one was game to try anything. Maybe Ralph would get better if he ate some of this

Today we went on an adventure trying to go to all resorts in Niseko in one day, Im pretty sure we made it. They are four of them.... My legs where spent thats for sure

Lachy was our guide for the day. Notice the cover/condom you have to put on your board when you carry it into the gondola

On the way we saw this poster, Im pretty sure chris boadle has that jacket !! Smoking is pretty popular here..

On the way we caught probably the safest I mean unsafest chair lift Ive ever been on, no safety bar (which isnt uncommon here) but no side rail and only for one person Gnarly

You can see the local volcano in the background that we drank water from yesterday. As well as niseko down below where we are staying

It was pretty tiring, so we went to get noodles to eat to get some energy for tomorows final day of riding.

For some reason when you eat at this noodle bar you get free ice creams, I wasnt saying no

Even though we had ice creams , Troy aka PS took us to a place that made custard filled fish shaped cakes they where mental and cooked while you waited.

We then went gift shopping, I was going to buy this crab but had no idea of what to do with it and it spiked my hands also, just when I noticed the sign "danger do not hold crabs"

We didnt have to travel to far to this traditional japanese gift shop, as we live above it. Today was the first time any of us had been in there also which was lucky cause it was closing tomorow.

After all this eating and riding the boys needed a sleep, well ralph deserved one all Troy has done today is eat and relax. Well that must have tired the little guy out.

Another great day in niseko !


metro said...,21985,25182499-661,00.html

you havent missed much...

oh yeah thats right, a shark at the beach near your place

SC/TC said...

wow we could have paddled right over it if i where home
you been paddling ?

SC/TC said...
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lachy said...

sick times fo sho!

Tara said...

looks like heaps of fun hubby! very jealous. xoxo