Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Night three and Day Four Japan Genki Des

So after riding yesterday Ralph, Joel and I went down to Seikomart to get some supplies, its like a 7/11 on steriods ALL TIME

They have everything here ! I'm not sure what this is at all :)

After that we went into a town called Kuncthan and checked out a cool shop/bar/skate park called life lounge !! above is their ramp there is joel and our ninja friends

Dinner Crew

after that we went to a traditional japanese birthday dinner I couldnt eat much due to being a woos but ralphy and Joel went crazy

After dinner everyone went to bar, I was smart and didnt, Ralphy couldnt help but stay till the bar closed, he had a slow start

Today we woke up to sunny skies again, so we chilled waiting for it to soften up.
It then started to snow a little so we went and and chilled in the pipe again, Ralph and our hosts Troy and Joel where ripping.

Slushy pipe = good times

yay hand plants SC

Team needed drinks, so i happily obliged

Coke in the gondola is awesome

Ralphy roadtourer on fire

Big Flakes coming down right now, hopefully it keeps going all night

We want to go to an onsen tonight but troy broke his wrist not to long ago !! He decided it must have been healed so joel cut his cast off so we can go !!! thanks joel !


Anonymous said...

Yeah Nippon! Hope you get a bunch of snow!

Bnaccas said...

Yeah Nippon! Hope you guys get heaps of snow!

metro said...

that beard on roadtourer is getting outta hand.

i'm keen to do another movie after watching that clip...

SC/TC said...

metro you think you could teach me some filming skills ?

SILV3R said...

Looks like fun times!! The indoor skate park looks rad....not too sure on the bright yellow crocs, bagging jeans and zip hood look!! Don't think it will catch on!!LOL!!!!!

metro said...

two words SC...
point and shoot