Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Eventful Saturday !

Saturday was a day full of seeing friends as well as a road trip to Buller.
It started off with breakfast with Coco and Lauren who where down from Sydney. Along for breakfast Metro and Jammo also came which was cool, it did suck that the service was pretty slack. However the food and company made up for it.

Apparently the coffee sucked so off to the coffee place by our house to keep those that need their caffeine high going.

Tara and I then drove to Buller for a night at the Buller Chalet. Along the way we made a friend with a Echidna.

I made T walk up to the summit which was pretty cool, notice all the smoke from the Bush fires that are still going not to far from Buller.

It was hot and a good reason to get the wife beater out

We then had a great meal/fun times at the Chalet with Darren and Di from Buller along with visits from their friend Eric who runs all the hospitality stuff at Buller. He kept the drinks coming all night finishing things off with some warm honey drink Good Dude !

The next morning we then met Rory and Lars down in the local town as we where going to look at rental properties for the snow season. Here's the team eating the good old Aussie staple snacks Meat Pies and Sausage rolls

Tara and Lars wanted to make sure this house had a good yoga room :)

Rory made sure the hot tub was up to scratch

Anyone reading this remember the time we had a bat fly round that place in changue road. Here's one of his mates who couldn't handle the heat.

On the way home we took a couple of photos of the devastation of the bush fires, it is unbelievable.

Apparently there is way more fires to come on Tuesday, lets hope its not true.
Here's my first rant and hopefully the last but if you are reading this and haven't donated yet to the bush fire appeal please do it is really easy
Just Click this link I'm sure every dollar counts.

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