Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perth !

So yesterday I (SC) traveled over to Perth which is on the opposite side of australia and a four hour flight away.
I traveled over to Clinic a store on how to sell Burton. While there as usual I took some photos and had a little break to check out some stores in the area.
So walking along I see a sign for a store that looked cool, so i walked up the stairs and what the freak do i see but a painting of good old friend Matt Maunder see below.

They wouldnt let me shoot a photo so i snuck this with my phone. Thats where the trouble began and somehow somewhere along the rest of the day/night I lost the G9 my pride and joy, bummed is not the word. We think someone took it while I was doing the clinic DAMN

SO blog posts might not be so hot for a while, sorry about that
But if anyone has one of these cheap or sees one around please call me ASAP :)


DSJ said...

i think blotto has a few G9's shane :)
that really sucks mate

SC/TC said...

yeah he does everyone does bar me now :) second one for me also !
I think i might need to move onto the g10 damn damn damn
hows things ?