Monday, March 23, 2009

The Week that was

So Last week TCs best friend from Utah Shannon came to visit, TC took some time off and showed her around.
They where supposed to take a bunch of shots but that didnt really happen
Heres the couple that they did take :)

Shannon bought us a bunch of St Patty day presents, our friend from japan Chewy who loves green things would be in heaven, maybe ill save him some.

Me having a go, not so well though

TC showing me how it is done

Girls at Red Hill Brewery

Chelsea Pub Crew Thursday night

Happy Chappies at The Chelsea Pub :) Metro and Macca, last time youll see those white sunnies they got washed away in a surfing accident, but then again who surfs in sunnies :)

Chelsea Pub Grub, Shannon and TC

Friday night Rory Ralph and Claire came to see Shannon..
After shannon left we went a good friend Troys (not T-roy) 3oth birthday, Troy is doing pretty well for himself these days his girl friend is awesome and she has a great house too boot.

Heres the Birthday boy, cool Top Hat

Shane hunt is a good dude, the name probably helps too, Mark Grayson is also pretty awesome also even if his parents forgot to name him Shane too.

Just as we left they bought out a two story beer bong ! in this photo you can see a bunch of good people.

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