Monday, March 16, 2009

Last hours in Japow !!!

So Friday night our second last night in Japan, started innocently enough with a mexican meal at Wild Bills Again (best night life in niseko), Unfortunatly T-ROy had to work till 12, well he had a pick up at 11 and couldnt trust himself to go to Wild Bills for dinner cause he knew what would happen.

So while he wasnt there we had a subsitute Troy to join the crew...

I posted a bunch of photos of Troy on the bar computer to remind everyone of him. Heres Izumi posing with him. He is honestly that funny that the bar was sculling drinks everytime his photo came up.

Unfortunatly for ralph he toasted TROY way too much and didnt get too far out of bed on saturday, so i ended up riding by myself since every one had to work. IT was snowing off and on all day.

That night it really started dumping, Ralph and I went to bed nice and early as we had to fly out at lunch the next day and wanted to get some runs in before hand.

Heres the crowd waiting for first tracks in the morning.

There where so many fresh lines to be had..

It was awesome...Great way to end trip



Hold on what a better way to end our trip than with a visit to Seikomart and a road trip with our host TROY and Joel. Here is Troy and i at seikomart, getting supplies at 11 in morning he started day off with a few ice creams.

JAL wanted to charge us $500 for excess luggage and this was after losing a bunch of stuff to save on weight. We argued for ages and ended up getting an upgrade to business class and paying nothing for excess luggage.

Heres Ralph with the Business Tickets YES.

On the way we checked out some tasty crepes, TEAM FOOD meal for sure, hot dog crepes..

Australia here We come.

Ralph and his business class flat bed seat :)

My ice dream class food was all time

Australian Coast line, Joel does that make you home sick

First Stop seeing the Wife, straight from airport. Im luckiest boy ever,

To all my friends new and old in japan thank YOU FOR EVERYTHING trip was all time and you all Freaking RULE...THANKS AGAIN

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