Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2nd Snowboarding and Eating At Mt Buller

So today was the first time ever that our local mountain opened however limited in may since 1960 something.
So a roadtrip was in order. Along for the drive was Metro and his nephew in my car (his nephew chucked everywhere also :) ), in the second car was Ralph, Lars, Linc and Luke from West Australia, who just happened to be in melbourne for weekend, luckily we had more than enough stuff to loan. TC was busy preparing for the baby shower for our sister tomorrow.

Buller was on point and acted fast after the latest snowfalls and offered $20 life tickets for one run. We where not alone in the idea of getting up there and the lines to catch the mini buses up to top were hectic. As you can see below, at least an hour wait

But $20 lift tickets were worth the wait thats for sure, notice the tag line, "history is being made today" yep we were part of history

Once we got up there though the snow was great the sun was out and people were pumped including ME

There was a little pipe set up and a tonne of little jumps jibs, heres luke just coming off, still dont have a camera so my iphone shots are not the best, Sorry

Good BBQ for lunch

Other than I, bunch of good dudes, Team shot at end of day

Lars all stylish in his 80s Vision snowboard jacket.

Best Bakery around Linc and Ralph Stoked

Me double stoked

Great day thankyou everyone

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