Friday, May 8, 2009

Road Trip

So this week internet access was at an all time low due to the fact that I was on the road with Darren and Chris from Burton HQ and we where lucky to have phone service let alone internet for most of the week.
We did however get to visit Pretty much every resort in australia for meetings etc. Enough about the work part yes we did ride everyday and even got a little moto in. Here is some shots from the iphone, new g9 arrived so blog is going to be back.
Hopefully chris sends a few more through soon

Here's the van packed !!!

First Stop Buller

Yeah Buller in jeans :)

The Sydney look Cardigan and jeans at Hotham

Nice little booter at hotham

Tonnes of Snow, feather top in background

RoadSide hike at Chalottes Pass

Darren would love to be a model, here he is working on his style at Charlottes Pass

Heres Me with the Jump one of the forum kids sended off on the back ground

Fitting way to end trip with a smashed window

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