Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesaday Manly, weds April 29th fresh tracks in Australia at Mt Baw Baw

Yep We made it up there, at least 30-40cm of fresh snow up at Mt BawBaw which is around 2 and a half hours from melbourne.

I was bitterly cold until we started hiking, luckily I knew some crew (thanks Tim) that had a skidoo and they helped us out a little. They have so much snow up there it wouldnt surprise me if they also opened this weekend too.

Mordy Staff Member and great dude Stu and I

Sean Mc Bean

Troy and I on the way up

A little helping hand for Troy

Tracks, yep snow was good (for aust)

I SC pumped, how could I not snowboarding in april on a WORK day :) thanks Team

View on the way to carpark


B-rad said...

Sick view. Especially when you are strapping in on that table, knowing you are about to jump off and ride straight down there

SC/TC said...

so much fun !!!

SILV3R said...

Baw Baw... I must get there this year, looked like funs times, this early too, what a bonus!!!!