Monday, May 11, 2009

801's Birthday

Tara is from salt lake city hence the 801 reference which is the area code if you want to phone Utah.
Taras bday is tomorow so we all went out for dinner on saturday night.

Here's a couple of shots, we actually left before the mayhem began as I'm recovering from a FLU and want to make sure it does'nt turn into something swiney :)
We of course went and ate mexi food which was pretty nice actually, more spanish than mexican but still cool.

Birthday Girl Lars and monk

Good food

Jammo moo and monk

Good old pirate eye was out already with Val and Brendawg

At Dinner someone found A shot of Lars' long lost brother on the internet

Linc was in the house keen to have a good time

Val Was on a mission, she also taught us the benefits of lunges, can skateboarding be my lunge ?

Yeah Girls

Ralph posted a few more shots after we left check it out

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Jenna said...

Yeah!! Happy Birthday Tara!!! Enjoy your day!
Love, Jen