Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Biram's Baby Shower

Today was Rachelle and Ashley's baby shower to celebrate the arrival of their twins, Harrison and Lochlan. Together with Shane's mum, I (TC) was lucky enough to be a hostess. We all had a great time . . . Jan manned the kitchen (but we snuck a few shots of me pretending to be a chef - yeah right!), and I brought the table decorations (note to self - never attempt to make nappy cakes again), and I even managed to get myself out of the speeches (thanks Jan!). The food was amazing too - so good it was disappearing right before my eyes :) Here's a few shots from the day . . .

There were so many desserts, this one was left standing. Where's Team Food when you need them?

Here's Katie Moo, Kate, and Rachelle.

Rach, Jan, and me.

Rach finally getting to relax for a few.

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Joyce said...

I wish that I could have been there. It looks like there were good friends, family, food and fun. Tell Rach that she looks pretty amazing! As does your Mom and Tara.
Soccer Mom