Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Day, Baw Baw and skate all in one day !!!!

So Weds we had to go to melbournes closest resort Mt. Baw Baw for a meeting or two.
We decided to take the new way since it was supposedly had a lot less sharp turns and was an easier drive. It actually was easier but with snow i think a 4 wheel drive might be needed.

We were worried we might get lost luckily we found this sign. Bushfire damage for sure

Anyway while at baw baw we decided to check out some of thier new features as you will see below
Here is Gavin from Cactus Black watering the garden, great new feature looks really fun to hit nice and wide and stable

Another angle of this beast, Gav and Jamie from Cactus always up for a good time

Gap rail also looks fun, not much snow needed to ride this thats for sure

The old wall ride moved onto a transitioned platform will be so FUN

Im not sure about this, hopefully they shorten it, as it is pretty high shoots you up and then onto flat and kids are going to get worked on it.

New Wall ride down bottom as you get on pomas, at Cactus Black park super fun

Once back in mebourne office ramp had session in full force.
Even nitty was skating, ripping too

Check the line up, Ralph smith

Griffo from mordys dropped by

Tc and Rick Baker Chilling

Brooksy and a swell bo

Rick got up and shredded, good to see you skating rick

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